How to Distribute Flower in China

By Ravish kumar - November 27, 2018

Flowers research on the Chinese kit flower industry will be issued by PMA in August 2018, but we now want some exhibitions with you. Here are some references from our research:


China's economy increased 6.97 percent in 2017, slightly higher than 2016. This development focuses on the maintenance of China's economic growth patterns from high-speed environment and domestic consumption, high cost-export, private investment plans. , And service industries.

Flower industry

Fresh cut flower industry in China is less than 5% of the flower industry. Floral is a 21.4 billion dollar type (RMB 139b), which has increased the content of trees, muscle plants, food and medicinal flora and plants, trash / soup, and flowers and plants. In the early 1980's, the flower flower segment practically did nothing increase so that in 2016 the production of 18.4 billion is generated. Roses, lily, wheat and chromatamins are largely populated in China.


Greece is an area of ​​China's main flower plant. This fresh cut is more than half of the country's annual production of flowers. Other important cut are the production provinces of flowers:

Hobby: avoiding, roses, gypsophila, gladios, cola lily, gallera, 6 lily, dandrobium
Guangdong: Rose, Lily, Crescentum, Curcuma, Thick Water Lily
Leaving: Sunnin, Crescentum, Gallera, Black Lily, Gladolysis, Lily, Merigold, Rose
Jiangsu: Lily, Tulip, Rose, Gallera

According to global standards, Greece covers clouds, does not measure areas of any other flower production, relatively high dimensions and sometimes cold winter (temperature is sometimes frozen). This is the best growing place for flowers from the Chinese perspective, but from global perspective, climate is not as good as places like Vietnam, Malaysia, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya or Tanzania. China competes with Kenya, Ecuador or Columbia with its length and pink pink roses. The climate, the distribution of the distribution, breaking into cold chains, the labor shortage, and the smallest size of the small size and the farmers means that Greece has not historically achieved the highest level of quality.


Wholesale flower markets continue to play a crucial role in imported flowers in kit flower trade in China. They:

Distribute a small amount of distribution in small quantities
Strengthen the scattered supplies from small scale importers and household domestic farmers
Maintaining good contacts with florist and small scale e-commerce sellers
Good understanding of customer needs
Improved cold chain logistics and storage, especially in low-level cities.
Import / Export

China's cut flowers exports are still twice as high as possible, but can be imported in the coming years. After the trend of decline between 2008 and 2012, China has imported fresh cut flowers from $ 16.5 million in 2012 to $ 54.9 million in 2017. Exports have suffered flat due to lack of trend in the past several years. The increasing rate of domestic demand has been described as a drop in export. China's exports are mostly in eastern and south-east Asia with their neighbors. Contrary to those countries that are very dependent on flower exports and export infrastructure, flowers and especially flowers are investing heavily - almost a decade later in China's vast agricultural projects. High expenses, labor shortages, and the lowest climate climate prevents the exports of Chinese exports beyond Asia and Ocana.


Contrary to the West and some neighboring Asian countries, it is very low to see the flower display in the Chinese supermarket. Generators are aware of the high strike in the flowers, especially in the context of low demand for everyday use of flowers among Chinese consumers. Retailers believe that there is a lack of skill to deal with flowers. The e-commerce industry has the highest potential capacity, but it is also the area that faces most of the challenges.

When Chinese consumers buy something online, they want products that look like these pictures. This is a challenge to buy many different types of flowers from many different suppliers of e commerce companies.
Spreads in cold chains, lack of capacity and any normal general paypal can cause quality problems during transportation and delivery.
Many customers will still be interested in kissing, kissing and watching flowers.


Even a decade ago, consumption of fresh cut flowers in China was dominated by government and commercial use. In the form of government consolidation, superb government disputes and floral arrangements in meetings, China's fresh cut was a third of the flower market. However, since 2012, China's President Zinging started anti-league campaign, the government's consumption spread to a total of 10%, and is a strong political pressure to use large floral locally. It combined with the increase in personal consumption. In recent years, continuous economic development, increasing middle class, and young people 'labor force, stimulating gifts, flowers and flowers are likely to buy flowers for themselves. . Use

For additional details of Chinese Fresh Cut Flower Industry, look at the release of the PMA's full-fledged research report in August 2018.

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