Top Saving Items to Keep in Your Hand Luggage While Travelling

By Jitender Sharma - September 19, 2018

Those who travel frequently - dense by airplane, know very well that delays or even cancellations are a rare phenomenon. The same applies to the small-pitches that may arise.

That's why a properly organized luggage can be proven by a god machine and save, literally, the day. Especially during the summer holiday season, where more and more travelers choose the plane to arrive quickly and comfortably on their destination, but not necessarily all the bad passengers of the airline, the fully equipped hand luggage is the A and Z of the trip .

So let's look at the top items you should always have in your hand luggage when traveling by plane.

Sleeping mask

The sleeping mask will help you enjoy a restful sleep, whether you are trying to sleep on the airplane, at the airport while you wait, or at the hotel that does not have the best curtains. So, if you just decided to have a secret Bali wedding, just you and the love of your life, you need to be fresh and shiny for the greatest day of your life. What’s more to ask, than a great nap on the plane, before you reach the most beautiful exotic destination, all along with your partner?

Antibacterial wet wipes

From the airport to the bus that takes you to the plane and within the cabin itself, you will come in contact with millions of microbes. Do not let your vacation be spoiled by any kind of diseases.

Extra clothes

It is also known as "layering". Airplane temperature is not the most stable thing in the world, as it usually moves between polar and tropical climate - on the same flight. So take care of having an extra jacket / scarf / sweatshirt that you put over the shorts if you need it.


Not so necessary on short, 45-minute domestic flights, whether you are going to Indonesia or to any other long distance destination, you never know who will choose to break the headache in flight.

Photocopy of the passport

Losing your passport abroad is a real nightmare, so make sure you have extra copies of it with you when you need it. We do not need to add that you do not have to have them in the same place.


So you can refresh your breath at any time. If you need to be on board for many hours, you really need to take care of that too in order to feel confident.

Extra cash

Because you will always incur costs that you have not calculated and no one will know where the nearest ATM is located, you really need to have some extra money in your wallet.

Water jar

Yes, if it's full, they will not let you take it with you before the checking, but you can well fill it with a tap while you wait for boarding. More practical than asking for water from the flight attendants, which in any case never quenches you in the quantity served.


You do not have to be a travel blogger to take notes for your trip and, despite the comfort of technology; it is always easier and palliative to write with a pen on paper glue. Keep a calendar of your thoughts, experiences and memories to have your trip with you forever - and for the time to fly.


You are sure going to be hungry and just because you do not have to spend the cash you have on your expensive airplane and airport snacks, you can take something that can pass the security control and eat it while waiting for your flight to depart.

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