Tips To Become Better At Mathematics

By Ravish kumar - September 07, 2018

Tips To Become Better At Mathematics

Mathematics has always been a challenge for most students, it is important to understand the key points to become better at mathematics. It can be quite a challenging subject considering all the numerical, integers and different problem sets. Learning different formulas for problems is hard enough but with a different problem set that includes multiple types of problems, it can become quite challenging for students. 

However, we have compiled a short list containing the top tips to become better at Mathematics. Since it is a very challenging subject that contains a lot of different problem sets. It is possible to become better at mathematics, by solving the different problem sets. A student can become better prepared for the subject of mathematics, by following the different tips that we have offered below to make you well versed in the subject of mathematics. Some of the major tips to become more proficient and well versed in mathematics are listed below:

The different tips to become better at Mathematics are:

1)    Practicing Solved examples:Solved examples is one of the best methods to understand the type of problem that may appear in the final examination.  For NCERT maths class 9, the different chapters may contain a myriad of information relating to the topics along with the examples of different problems. Some of the major topics that may be asked during the examination are Polynomials, Number System, Lines and Angles. Thus, these are some of the different topics that can get asked during the examination. Solved examples gives the preview template of exactly how the problems in the main exam can be asked.

2)    Solving last year papers:The best method to gain proficiency in mathematics is simply by understanding the problem typeset. It is important to understand the different problems that can be asked during the examination. Last year papers would be incredibly useful in solving especially for NCERT maths class 10. This gives additional proficiency in solving mathematical problems. Last years’ papers can improve the confidence of the students writing the exam.

3)    Learning through edu-tech apps: Apps like BYJU’s- The learning app contains hundreds of hours of content with interactive video lectures from the best teachers within the country. They can be incredibly useful in learning difficult to understand concepts easily.  With hundreds of practice questions, sample exam papers and hundreds of hours of video lectures, students can learn the topics at their own convenience.

Thus, these are few tips to become better at Mathematics, that can help one improve their proficiency and analytical skills. If you are going to be writing the math exam, it is important to know these shortcuts and methods to improve upon your mathematical and analytical skills to become more proficient in mathematics. To know more about math topics, subscribe to the BYJU’s YouTube channel. You may also want to check out the math videos:

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