The growing importance of learning English as a second language

By Jitender Sharma - August 01, 2018

With globalization, interaction between the countries has increased with businesses from different countries offering opportunities to people from all around the world.the major issue faced in the process is communication. Lack of communication can be the cause of not getting a job, not getting a contract and several others. It is due to this reason a standard course for learning English was launched that certifies that you are well versed in English. This is ESL course which means English as a second language. By taking up this course you will have command on the language as a native speaker has.

With many people taking up the course, the demand for ESL certified teachers has also arised. Today, there are many people who have undergone ESL and after that became a teacher. Teaching english as a second language is one of the best career options. All you have to do is to learn the teaching skills, how to prepare the lesson plans and you are good to go.

Teach online or go for classroom training

If you have a full time job and are willing to add an additional income to your earnings then you can consider providing ESL lessons online. You can either join an institute offering a course and teaching business English to the students enrolled with the candidate or you can start your own channel. You can schedule the slot as per your preference and enjoy earning money from your skills.

Apart from the learning sessions, you can also provide sessions on the tips and tricks to successfully pass the exam and get certified. In order to go for this course you need to have a bachelor’s degree. You can then give the exam for ESL certification. To enhance your chances of passing the test, it is better to take the online or regular classes.

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