How Does Excel Boost Your Career in Analytics?

By Ravish kumar - August 03, 2018

How Does Excel Boost Your Career in Analytics?

Microsoft Excel, the old school spreadsheet tool which has been the primary zone of mathematical representation for countless employees for decades is still relevant in the market. Strange though it may seem, enrolling for an Excel course in Malaysia makes real good sense even in the age of advanced tools and technologies.

There are two approaches to Excel training.

Learning the advanced functionalities of the tool itself

Excel has and is currently adding a lot of features which a lot of us are unaware of. If you are new to Excel or have been using it at surface level then you may consider joining an Excel course which trains you to use the various Excel functions with confidence and competence.

Excel has better charting tools now; it has features like Flash fill, recommended charts, data slicer, pivot tables and more. Using these functions is not too hard but when it is learnt well it becomes easier and takes lesser time.

There are courses which focus primarily on the tool Microsoft Excel and help you learn it from in and out. There are other Excel courses in Malaysia which focus less on the tool itself and more on its applications in the field of data analytics.

In these courses you are taught to apply various mathematical and statistical formulae to manage and make sense of the acquired data.

You learn to use methods like binary classification, linear regression, and information theory. Excel is used as the primary tool for business analytics by a lot of organizers and as a secondary quick analysis tool by almost all companies which deal with data analytics or business analytics.

Excel connects you

It has been there for so long and has proved itself to be so reliable that no one can really let it go. So, if you are comfortable with Excel apart from your own set of tools, it helps you connect with the other employees of the organization.

76.5% of analytics jobs around the globe require your fluency with Excel. It is so much in demand that a number of courses offering Excel training in various packages and modules have stemmed out.
It is one tool which is probably going to keep you and your non-technical counterpart in communicating terms.

A fair amount of analysis and visualization can easily be done with Excel alone. Just remember that it is not for big data analytics.

By learning Excel you eliminate a whole number of problems regarding your skills, so, it gives you a win -win position. 

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