4 Trending Career Choice for Tourism Management Course

By Internal Eseo - July 13, 2018

“Are you planning a career in travel and tourism industry? Read the blog to know more about the job opportunities. “

When it comes to taking a step forward towards a successful career and enjoy a life of enormous opportunities for growth and affluence for you and your loved one, it is necessary that you start on the right direction. And for that, you must think of choosing the right course of studies so that later on in a long run your academic qualification, as well as your practical knowledge from the course, will put you at an advantageous position. In India, most of the time, students go for a general course of studies. However, these courses often fail to impart the practical knowledge that will help a student to face the challenges that he or she will be facing at the corporate sector. That is one of the reasons why the general course of studies fail miserably when it comes to landing a good job in the highly competitive market of India.

In such a situation, it is a better idea to go for a professional course that will help you gain substantial knowledge about a specific professional while putting you ahead of your peers in the competition where the stakes are already high. If you are wondering what course of studies you should go for, then consider getting enrolled for tourism management courses in Kolkata. What are the career choices the course offer? Take a look at the following points to know about the opportunities before you start looking for the best tourism management colleges in Kolkata.

MICA Executive

There is a worldwide demand of the coordinators for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) and getting a degree in tourism management can be the best way to go for this job. Such a career option has its own perks, business class flights, luxury stays at hotels and definitely, a lucrative package are the perks that can work for you. Undoubtedly you will be able to get opportunities overseas too.

Tour Packagers

Do you love traveling and want to channel your passion for exploring the world in your profession too? If yes, then this is the best career opportunity for you. You can design the tour packages for individual and group travelers, national and international, that will also let you travel the world. You can work as tour packager at any famous tourism company or you can go start your own travel business as the course from any tourism management institute in Kolkata will impart the knowledge that you will need to become an entrepreneur.

Visa Officers

Though this position is not much glorified, yet the role of visa officers in the travel industry is vital. An officer should know the visa norms and offer the clients the best solutions for their respective visa situations. Since the procedure of getting the visa is a pretty complex procedure, the visa offices look for the right person who will be capable to pull off the job. The remuneration of the visa officers is quite attractive too. However, this might not include as many possibilities for traveling as the aforementioned options do. However, for a solid career base, this is a good choice too. And being a graduate in tourism management you will be in the advantageous position too.

Tour Managers                                                      
This is a highly recognized job opportunity for the graduates of tourism management. From government to private, in every sector, the demand of the job is pretty high. Apart from having the sound theoretical knowledge, the aspirant should have a practical expertise to manage tours and approachable manner that can take you forward in the industry. This job combines travel opportunities as well as lucrative packages.

So, now as you know about these four career opportunities, don’t waste time. Enroll now. For information on hospitality management institute in Kolkata, follow my other blogs.
Author Bio: Upasona is a blogger and has a special interest in tourism management courses in Kolkata. Here she writes on the job opportunities after you graduate from tourism management institute and colleges in Kolkata. She writes on hospitality management institute in Kolkata too.

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