Tips for Planning a Memorable Family Road Trip This Summer

By Ravish kumar - June 05, 2018

Tips for Planning a Memorable Family Road Trip This Summer

Summer is here and vacation is about to happen. This is an exciting time for families all over, where you have the opportunity to spend plenty of time together. You’re preparing for a trip of a lifetime, whether by plane or RV rental. Road trips with family are always unforgettable.

To ensure that your trip is one to be remembered in a good way, you’ll want to make sure to do some planning. Traveling with children in an RV rental can be fun, but it can also be a challenge if you’re not entirely prepared.

The following tips will help you to prepare a trip that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime:

If you can wing it, do make the decision to travel in an RV. Yes, it’s more costly to travel in an RV than you regular car, but the benefits are multiple. You’ll not only have more space for the road, but you’ll also have a place to spend the night. It’s easier for your kids to do activities and enjoy themselves as you drive for hours, making it easier for parents.

Stock up on food for the road, but also take the time to visit restaurants. Children get hungry and want to munch on things on the road. You want to be sure to stock up on food that you can prepare in the RV, but also make time for dining out. Eating at restaurants is a good way to break up the monotony of eating “road trip friendly” food while also allowing you a chance to get to know the local environment in the cities that you are visiting. It may even be a good idea to look up popular restaurants beforehand, to ensure that you have great meals along the way.

Know that the unexpected may come up. Prepare for it, but don’t worry about it. You can plan everything down to a T and still have problems come up. Instead of worrying about things going wrong, prepare. For example, if you worry about a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, bring a spare and the right tools to be able to change it. If you are concerned about running out of fuel, bring some extra fuel cans (just be careful with them).

Learn about the states and places that you will be visiting beforehand. As you road trip through the country with your kids, turn it into an educational and interesting experience. Whether you visit national parks or historical sites, read and watch videos about these destinations with your children before the trip. It’s guaranteed that they will enjoy the visit much more.

Include the kids in the planning. You may have some great ideas up your sleeve, but don’t forget to listen to your kids. They may have some wonderful ones as well. When they are included in the decision making, you can be sure that there will be less complaints when on the road and more excitement.

Go over your budget before you set out. It’s important to set aside a budget before your trip. Always make sure to include more than you hope to spend, as extras may pop up here and there or you may have financial emergencies along the way.

Don’t fret about bringing too much stuff to keep the kids occupied. Make sure to pack plenty of things to do. If you’re traveling in an RV rental, you will have plenty of space to work with. Many times, parents worry about what they’re packing, but if you’re going to skimp on something, don’t let it be entertainment. You’ll probably be on the road for a while, so make sure that you have something to keep the kids busy as you travel to your destinations.

Include nature stops on your trip. You may have some great amusement parks to visit or cities that you want to explore, but your kids are going to remember their nature visits just as much. Show them the richness of your country by exploring places like national parks and state parks.

If you have little ones, make sure to bring their favorite “blankie” or toys, especially if these items help them to sleep. Little kids can be very sensitive when it comes to sleep. When packing their things, don’t forget to bring their favorite sleep companion. Not only will you avoid freak-outs at bed time, but when they sleep better, you’ll sleep better as well.
A road trip in an RV rental with your family can be one of the best ways to see your country, spend time together, and have a great family vacation. Take your time to plan and prepare and most of all, make sure to have fun.

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