Vegetarian Diet Plan to Lose Weight in a Month

By Internal Eseo - May 02, 2018

Maintain a body shape requires working out and there are definitely no two ways about it. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day. But with regular effective work outcomes an equally effective diet that must all the essential minerals and vitamins that a body needs in the day. There are days when we can work on our body slowly and steadily which is also an apt process. But for those who need to attain a certain weight as quickly as in a month, this post is a boon for you.

We have divided your month into 4 major weeks which consists of 7 days each. This Diet is a strict dedication to those who want to reduce their weight in a month’s time. It’s a kind reminder to get your health medically tested by a physician, before undergoing any kind of diet, to avoid and later health hazards.

Here are some tips in this one-month diet plan:

-          Absolutely no salt in any form post 7:30
-          No aerated drink in any form. Not even packaged fruit juices
-          Avoid mangoes and bananas
-          Potatoes and rice restricted

Week 1:
Early morning: As you wake up, around 8’0 clock, have 2 glasses of water with methi seeds. You have to soak 1 tbsp of methi seeds in 2 glasses of water and eventually strain out the methi and drink the remaining water. This process helps a lot in water retention and also prevents bloating. Have 4 almonds( soaked with skin) + swallow 1 black pepper

Breakfast: Have 2 toasts of brown bread along with hung curd dressing and some chutney and vegetable salad.

Afternoon snack: Eat any fruit of your choice or I bowl of fruit salad or vegetable salad

Lunch: Eat one plate of vegetable salad before having the meal. This will prevent false hunger and overeating. For lunch, have 1 bran chapatti + 1 bowl of pulses.

Evening snack: 1 cup of tea or coffee- black along with 2 biscuits or 1 bowl of sprouts.

Dinner: I bowl of salad before the meal. 1 chapatti bran with green vegetable.

Post dinner: 1 fruit of your choice.

Week 2:
Early morning: 2 glasses of tulsi water where you need to soak tulsi leaves in water and then strain out tulsi drinking the water behind. Have 5 almonds with skin.

Breakfast: I bowl of cereal + salad
After snack: have one fruit- orange/ papaya/ apple
Lunch: A plate of salad before the meal (small). After that have 1 sandwich which has 2 brown breads with high protein paneer stuffing.
Evening snack:  1 cup of black tea with 2 biscuits
Dinner: 1 bran chapatti with any vegetable

Week 3:
Early Morning: 2 glasses of methi seeds with almonds along with skin and black pepper.
Breakfast: 1 glass of skimmed milk along with 1 apple
Afternoon snack: 1 high protein fruit, consider papaya
Lunch: 1 bran chapatti and any green leafy vegetable
Evening snack: 1 cup of warm milk or back tea with 2 light biscuits Or 1 bowl of air popcorns
Dinner: 1 bowl of pulses / 1 bowl of vegetable + hung curd + salad

Week 4:
Early morning: 1 glass honey and lemon water (warm)
Breakfast: 1 glass of cold coffee of skimmed milk and a brown bread toast
Afternoon snack: 1 small bowl of porridge
Lunch: I full bowl of sprouts + 2 fruits/ I plate salad + 2 bowl vegetables/ 1 bowl milk dalia + I brown bread/ I bowl vegetable + 1 brown bread
Evening snack: 1 cup of black coffee + roasted chana + 2 biscuits
Dinner: 1 apple + 1 plate salad/ 1 bowl vegetable + 1 bran chapatti

This is a 4 week diet plan that needs to followed for a month to reduce at least 5-6 kilos in a month. The Diet Plan works quite effectively and involves all the essential minerals and vitamins in right proportion. Try this out and do let me know the results.

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