Why is Inbound Telemarketing Preferred Over Outbound Telesales?

By Ravish kumar - April 06, 2018

Why is Inbound Telemarketing Preferred Over Outbound Telesales?

There was a time when telemarketing was not considered for the promotion of products because other mediums like TV, radio, and print get more preference at that time. Now, the table has been turned as many firms approach well-known call centre companies so that their products can be promoted in a better way with the help of telesales. The factors which make this service awesome are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Offers immediate results
  • Helps in generating more revenue
  • It is active 24 hours a day
  • Helps in getting customer’s feedbacks quickly

There are two types of telesales services that can be availed from the BPO firms. First one is inbound in which agents get the calls from the customers regarding the purchase or inquiry about the products. The second one is outbound in which operators make several calls to different patrons/prospects in a day so that they can promote the products as much as they can.   

If you are a business owner and want to know why inbound telemarketing overshadows the outbound one, have a look at the following pointers that will give you a better idea regarding the same:

Saves effort and time:

The factor that makes inbound telemarketing more preferable is it saves agent’s efforts & time. It means calling agents don’t have to convince the customers because they already know that the patron is interested in the product that’s why the call is made. On the contrary, outbound teleselling agents make several calls to the consumers without knowing the latter’s interest level and this leads poor result.

Better communication:

Inbound telemarketing agents always communicate with their customers in a much better way. The reason behind this is that inbound agents know that customers are already exposed to the products and that’s why chance of rendering a sterling level of service increases. On the other hand, outbound telemarketers have to introduce the product to the consumers and in lieu of that they face so many questions and sometimes that drive them up the wall.  

Better productivity:

The inbound agents are so well trained and experienced in the domain that they ensure to satiate the customers in the least possible time. Now, when the inbound calls are dealt with precision and utmost care, it means first-rate customer experience is inevitable. On the other hand, outbound agents are not so fortunate to witness such success rate. Their calls are mostly introductory and they struggle to match the level of productivity with inbound telemarketing experts.

Final Takeaway:

This blog throws light on the aspects that exhibit why inbound telemarketing is preferred over the outbound one. But, outbound service also has some jaw-dropping benefits that can easily increase any business’s productivity and we will tell you about them in our next write-up, till then stay tuned with us. And, if you have some questions regarding the above-mentioned points, shoot them in our comment section and get the quick answers.

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