What’s trending in Business Process Outsourcing?

By Internal Eseo - April 17, 2018

Ever since the game plan of the market is twisted, there have been different kinds of reactions from all around. There are firm believers of the new introductions or amendments in the traditional practices and there are a few naysayers too. According to a recent news report, the Australian federal government was accused of deterring the in-house business processes and the growth of the national economy by outsourcing the IT services to offshore vendors. The two worker unions namely, ACTU and CPSU have claimed that depending too much on the external support providers is taking its toll on the indigenous talent. But, what people do not understand is that every coin has two sides. And you cannot overlook the numerous pros of an initiative due to some minor cons. Despite some challenges and oppositions, this solution prevails. For instance, the help desk outsourcing is one of the BPO facilities which have made a significant mark over time. Let us discuss the major advantages of hiring a third-party agent for executing your organizational tasks:

Reduction in employee workload

The multitasking staff of a call center is often overworked. Sometimes, due to the stringent working conditions, they even face health issues. The uncertain office hours and the multidimensional jobs involved in a call center are responsible for a rise in the employee attrition rate. This is where the option of co-sourcing comes to rescue. The main goal of outsourcing services is to share the tasks of a project completely or partly with the clients. The fact that these off-premise vendors deal with half of your activities, they automatically reduce the workload from the shoulders of the in-house operators.

Easy access to industrial expertise

The workforce that the outsourced agencies appoint is highly experienced and proficient in its job. The extraordinary communication skills and cognizance makes it easy for the reps to resolve customer queries with ease and efficiency. So, after allying an outside partner, it is more likely for you to gain the opportunities of connecting with extraordinary talent and the business tycoons from all around the world. You can avail the recent applications of technology in the call center domain. Moreover, you can attain a vast recognition and an exposure to the global market which will ultimately foster your growth.

Enhanced quality of products

These subject matter specialists aim at rendering high-grade services to their clients. Their main focus is on improving the old technologies to launch state-of-the-art solutions in the market for the benefit of everyone. The aforementioned topic, i.e. proficient help desk outsourcing is an example of the outperformance that these external support providers showcase. Taking care of the ITES management, system malfunctioning, tracking bugs and other technical problems are smoothly accomplished by the experts. This is a single point of contact for the customers and end users. There are separate desk-side, network, server and telecommunication teams to deal with the relevant issues individually.


When you switch to the option of outsourced services, the costs incurred by hiring, training and paying the wage to the in-house agents are eliminated. Also, you don’t need to set-up a special infrastructure for performing the non-core functions. There is no necessity of the additional amenities and supportive equipment in the organization. Minimizing the use of resources is another boon of hiring a third-party service provider. Hence, a large amount of finance is managed in this way. The overhead costs of accounts, logistics, legal fees, promotions, telephone bills, rent, refurbishment, and maintenance are reduced to a large extent.

Round-the-clock assistance

The 24/7 availability is a renowned feature of outsourcing that makes it famous and desirable. It is one of the chief catalysts behind the uplift in customer satisfaction. Because of the difference in time zones, your offshore partners excel in providing consistent support to your customers. Usually, there are 8 working hours for the employees in any organization but, when your vendor is situated at a completely different geographical location they are either ahead or behind you by the clock. This factor is responsible for the constant presence of third-party agents to serve the buyers.

Emphasis on the core

By sharing your responsibilities with another organization, you can concentrate on your core competencies even better. The non-core jobs are taken care of by these support providers, so it saves the time and energy of your in-house operators to focus on the fundamental processes. The technical and other central procedures that your company represents are well-managed once you choose to outsource some of the services.

Streamlined workflow

After maintaining a firm grip on almost every necessary aspect of the business, you can now be stress-free about the efficiency of tasks. Amid an enhanced facet of not only the call center but also the other administrative sectors, it is evident that the standard of entire workflow improves. 

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