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By Internal Eseo - April 03, 2018

If you want to lead a team then it is essential that understand the team dynamics and also the personality traits of every individual. This will help you to adapt your leadership style in a way to give optimum results. The reason that you need to understand the personalities of your co-workers is due to the fact that it plays an important role in deciding how they would react in a given situation and what are the ways through which you can motivate them. However, knowing the personality trait of an individual is not a simple matter and you need experts in this field to help you out in this matter. However, there is a great online personality assessment tool called the everything DiSC workplace that will help you a great deal in quickly identifying the dominant personality trait of an individual.

The DiSC program module is specially designed for floor level managers. However, the basic points of this training module are applicable to all levels of leadership. According to this program, the working style of a person is heavily influenced by his personality. It not only impacts his behavior but also affects his decision-making capabilities in any particular situation.
To understand different personalities of individuals you can take the help of a remarkable online training program called the everything DiSC work of leader profile. This program module is specially designed for lower level managers, but the fundamental elements of this training module are true for all levels. According to this personality development program, the work ethics of a person is strongly related to his personality. His personality not only affects his behavior but also guides him or her to take a decision in any particular situation.
The everything DiSC work of leader profile slots people into four different personality traits; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. The program does not believe in the superiority of any one of these four traits. According to the DISC, all the personality traits are of equal importance and any an individual who exhibits any of these four traits can do any job given to him. The only difference will be in the matter of approach which will vary significantly from one another. Here we will give only a few of the difference that distinguishes these four traits from one another.
1). Dominance: If you have the Dominance personality trait, then you like a very hand on an aggressive approach and believe in taking quick decisions. You love new challenges and are not afraid of trying out an out of the box approach to solving a problem. Your focus is primarily on short-term goals and you do not think about long-term results. In addition, you have an immense confidence in your ability to work in a challenging environment and conquer any adversity that comes your way. You feel more comfortable to work with those people who share your quick thinking, risk-taking ability and have a passion for tackling newer challenges. The main motivating factor of a person with Dominance includes competition, challenges, winning and success.
2). Influence: A person with Influence personality trait like a person with dominant personality also loves to take quick action but the only difference is that he does that after consulting with all the stakeholders. He loves to socialize with other colleagues and encourage other people on the job. As per the everything DiSC work of leader profile, good friendly relations with other co-workers and social recognition are their main motivating factor.
3). Steadiness: A worker who has Steadiness as his personality trait, is a complete team player who likes to motivate others to do their job efficiently. Additionally, he tries to keep the workplace environment positive so that everyone can work there with a happy state of mind and there is little tension. He seeks sincere appreciation of his fellow workers.
4). Conscientiousness: A person with this kind of personality traits is more deliberate in his approach and loves to challenge old notions and focuses a lot of his attention on increasing the efficiency and accuracy of his work. The motivating factor of such a person is a chance to gain new knowledge.  

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