How to Know Confirmation Chances of Waitlisted Rail Ticket?

By Internal Eseo - April 03, 2018

When you are booking a ticket in advance, via the Indian railway portal, and there is no availability of seats, the status of the ticket automatically becomes RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation. This indicates that there is a possibility of a confirmed seat number being allotted to you if any of the previous bookings happen to undergo a cancellation.

However, it is quite difficult to say, whether any of those bookings will be canceled.

The Waiting List Story

While reserving a seat, many of us have come across the ‘Waiting List’ status at least once. The waitlisted tickets are allotted to passengers after all RAC tickets have been exhausted. A ticket that shows its status as Waiting List upon PNR inquiry does not make the passenger eligible for travel on the train.

There are different categories of Waiting Lists that your ticket can come under, like:

1.        WL – This is the all too familiar Waiting List for tickets bought on the waiting list
2.       LDWL – This waiting list is stamped to the tickets for booking ladies seats
3.    CKWL – This waiting list is for the ‘tatkal’ booked tickets which are applicable for confirmation from within the ‘tatkal’ segment only. The CKWL can progress only if tatkal ticket cancellations take place; general ticket cancellations are not allotted to confirm CKWL tickets.
4.      PQWL – This waiting list is for the tickets booked under a quota.

What do the Waitlisted Numbers Indicate?
When your ticket shows WL30/WL28, it means that you were initially at the 30th position on the waiting list, but since 2 tickets have already been canceled, your current waitlisted rank is at 28.
It is worthwhile to note here that with a waitlisted ticket, you cannot board the train. Only if your status changes to RAC, can you travel on the train?

But is there a way to predict whether your waitlisted ticket will be confirmed?

Can You Predict The Chances of Confirmation?

While using the train app to reserve a ticket, getting a waiting list is always a source of extreme anxiety. If the waiting list number is of a single digit, you can still be hopeful of reaching the RAC status. But if double digits appear on the PNR status for you, you can never be sure that your ticket is going to be confirmed.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could forecast if any ticket might be canceled, subsequently pushing your waitlisted ticket to RAC? At least you can board the train, in case of an emergency.

To dispel all uncertainties and empower us with prediction capabilities, we now have software using cutting edge technology. Machine Learning (ML) is one of the most promising emerging technologies used to develop these train inquiry software applications to predict the chances of a waiting list ticket being confirmation. There are various calculations done based on the historical data for a particular route, to gauge if a waitlisted ticket might advance to confirmed status.

Advantages of Using These Apps

There are various beneficial features of these predicting applications.

• You can check the historical trends of ticket status on any particular route and plan their journey accordingly
• You can also view the final charting status of previous PNRs to get an idea about the confirmation chances of waitlisted tickets on a certain route
• Live IRCTC PNR status is displayed as well as ticket fares between various stations
• Moreover, users can also quickly check the live train running status for updated information
These are the travel hacks or the tips that help you to maximize the benefits of Indian railway travel experience.The train apps that are now available have made our lives way easier beyond words. You can now plan your journey in advance and make informed decisions while booking train tickets without letting anxiety creep in.

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