How FD is Best Option for Senior Citizens to Invest their Retirement Money

By Internal Eseo - April 25, 2018

Retirement planning can be tedious, especially because of the unforeseen risks and factors involved post-retirement. Even the smallest planning mistakes can cost you a large amount of money. Hence, it is important to choose the right retirement avenues, to ensure a smooth and hassle-free retirement experience.
Before we go on to decide the best retirement avenues for parking your savings, let’s look at some of the common mistakes people make, when retiring.

      Delaying your savings plan
When you start saving early in your career, your finances get more time to grow and mature. It helps you save more, and inculcate a healthy habit of saving for the rainy day. When you’re in your twenties or thirties, retirement could feel several years away. However, increasing inflation and costs of medical treatment can strain your finances and result in a shortage of funds for your retirement.

      EPF fund utilization
When you retire, you get your employee provident funds as a lump sum amount, which needs to be invested appropriately. You can invest your EPF funds in a fixed deposit, which can help you gain higher returns.

      Choosing only risky investments
One of the most common retirement mistakes is to invest in only risky investment plans, which may result in loss of returns. You can evade this problem by opting for high return investments, which rank in terms of stability.
This is where fixed deposits can help you. With fixed deposits, you can reap rich rewards and cater to your retirement savings in the best possible manner. With fixed deposits by Bajaj Finance, you can look for some of the best benefits that help you multiply your savings.

Here’s a look at some of the best benefits of investing in fixed deposits:

      Higher interest rate – You can look for a higher interest rate with Bajaj Finance, in comparison with any other bank deposits. Additionally, there is a higher interest rate for senior citizens FDs, which helps in ensuring better returns

      High stability and credibility – Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are ranked high in terms of stability and credibility, especially because they’re rated ICRA’s MAAA (Stable) and CRISIL’s FAAA (Stable). Hence, your investments are never at risk.

      Flexible tenors – You can look for flexible tenors with Bajaj Finance, which helps you be in greater control of your investments.

      Easy application process – Bajaj Finance has a very simple online application process, which guarantees a hassle-free experience. You can save time and trouble, by opting for this process. You can also manage your account online, and start investing with just Rs. 25,000.

      Flexible Payout Options – One of the best features of these FDs are the facility to opt for flexible payouts. If you’re looking for periodic payouts to help you cater to your regular expenses, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are your answer!
You can also choose between cumulative and non-cumulative fixed deposits, which is a choice between greater interest rates and the convenience of periodic payouts.
If you’d like to plan your finances furthermore, opt for Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Calculator, which enables you to evaluate your returns easily. It is an easy to use Calculator that helps you understand exactly how much you can attain with Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits.

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