Care Your Lips With 10 Fabulous Tips

By Internal Eseo - April 03, 2018

How do you know that your lips are healthy? The best answer is s soft and pink lips. Yes, a perfect lip with soft and pink color shows the healthy condition of the body. Sometimes, our lip gets into dry and crack due to cold weather conditions. In that situation, usually a question raises how to keep my lips healthy and tips to maintain it? Let us have a look at it.
Lip care tips:
Our lip skin has a thinner structure of lesser amount of oil glands. Thus, it is essential for us to take care of lip. Let we have a short visit to lip care tips.
Take adequate water:
Take minimum 3 liters of water per day to maintain hydrate lip. The water helps us to retain hydrate level in the body. The hydrating lip looks glossy and nourishes with natural beauty.  
Avoid licking lip:
Do not lick your lips at any cost. Licking the lip is one of the bad habits, and it should avoid in order to retain healthy lip. The lip directly affects when you touch or lick it. The licking of a lip is instant relief from dryness. However, the moisture of lip dries away in the air. Avoid licking a lip and maintain it healthily.
Healthy diet:
The healthy food is essential for the disease-free body. A balanced diet fits the body’s skin as well as a structure of lip. A balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits and especially with green leafy vegetables. The healthy eating should contain Vitamin E that is good for skin. The vitamin E glows the skin color as well as maintain the hydrating lip.
Apply lip balm:
Moisturize your lips often with lip balm. The lip balm is instant relief from your lip dryness.  We never know when our lip is going to dry. Thus, it is better to carry a lip balm whenever you are on an outing. If you are not having one, order it now with help of and get an awesome discount.
Gentle massage to increase blood circulation:
Gentle massage in a circular motion will improve the blood circulation and help us to keep our lip healthy. It should do daily to increase the elegant smoothness of the lip.
Use lipstick when you step out:
Use branded lipstick when you step out. The lipstick will protect your lips from suntan.  The direct sun exposure is avoidable when you go with lipstick. Lipstick is an additional care to your lips.
Remove lipstick at night:
We know that skin and lip need to breathe. Remove your lipstick at night and apply petroleum gel to get smoothing effects.
Flake your lips:
Weekly once use a scrubber to remove dead cells in your lip. Do not use harsh chemical made scrubber for your lip. Use the scrub especially made for a lip. The best home remedy is to use sugar for scrubbing the lip.
Use SPF content lip product:
UV rays usually damage the skin as well as a lip. Use the lip products that contain SPF ingredient while going to spend outside on the daytime.
Natural remedies:
The natural resources are always good for health.
·        Massage honey with olive oil to get a smooth structure.
·        Use lemon juice with coconut oil for lightening the lip.
·        Try ayurvedic products from Patanjali listed here
Let we take care of our lip and have a great smile forever.

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