4 Grave Mistakes to Avoid when Carrying Out Instagram Marketing for Business

By Internal Eseo - April 04, 2018

You can see people exploring every possible avenue to try and promote their business in the internet space with digital marketing. It is highly likely that you get confused with the varieties of tools available out there and the diversity in types of the social networking platforms available.

Among all these nowadays, Instagram remains the most popular and famous platform for business marketing online. Instagram mainly focus on images and videos, which makes it more acceptable to the users as visual engagement is considered as the easiest mode of engaging with the potential customers. Just anyone can do branding through Instagram, and those who do it efficiently surely win results.

However, it is enough food for thought if you seriously consider why some brands witness tremendous branding success on Instagram when many others fail?

What you should and should not do

We have written this article not to suggest what all things you must do to become successful on Instagram with your business marketing campaigns. In fact, there are thousands of such articles available on various blogs as to focus on a branding strategy, efficiently use hashtags, and engage users with contests and surveys.

Here, we will focus more on some grave mistakes marketers tend to make while attempting Instagram promotions. Though some of these errors are fairly obvious, people make them the most. It may be mostly due to ignorance. So, by knowing these well, you will be able to stay away from making such mistakes and get a better output.

Instagram mistakes to avoid

  1. Leaving the bio incomplete

A good bio as a part of your profile building is essential. In fact, it does half of the work for you in terms of connecting more of the viewers to your actual business following. When you open a new Instagram account, you first come across the bio building process, which needed to be carefully executed at the first point.

Do not create your bio too boasting or too dull. The approach should not be posting a lot of your product or brand. Instead, keep it as simple as you can for the users to find a proper synchronization with it.

Another important thing is not to forget posting hyperlinks to your web page or product instead of trying to describe it. That is the only space where you may be able to include links effectively to invite the users to visit your page.

  1. Ignoring customer responses

If you want to develop a significant number of fan following, it is essential that you should serve them adequately and respond instantly to get a Like4Like situation going. Many of the consumers now find social media platforms like FB or Instagram to post their doubts and queries as they are always in touch with those, your responsibility is to keep a check of such responses, questions, and feedback and respond to them positively and reassuringly to make them feel comfortable.

Whatever your goal set for Instagram campaigns are, building relationships always come as a default goal which you always need to uphold. Instagram is an active platform for ongoing communications and doing so will surely add a great value to your brand. Your instant responses to the followers testify your care and concern towards customer support.

  1. Posting poor quality content

Instagram is purely a visual platform, and the users are out there to see things. The quality of the photos and videos you post represent the quality of your brand itself. Poor quality photos or unprofessional ones may be just creating an improper image to you. So, always be careful about image quality.

Make use of the image editing tools when necessary if you are not satisfied with the first image in hand. Not just quality and perfection, but you can obviously add some additional elements too to make your images noticeable and going a step ahead, giving some special messages or food for thoughts of the followers. Engaging with your content is the key to ensure returns through Instagram.

  1. Forgetting or failing to show that you are human

Some marketers are afraid of showing their human side. Perfection is necessary, but what if a potential user identify you as simply 'machine perfect' and rather would like to interact with a human. Many successful marketers used to show their ‘human' side by posting the ‘behind the scene' photos and videos once in a while.

The type of content you want to share may inevitably depend on the nature of your business and industry, but there is always a scope of developing some intelligent content which can ensure high engagement.

There are many other common mistakes too which you need to try and avoid on Instagram promotions like avoid sharing any varied content, not optimizing clickthrough, missing valuable hashtags, and not keeping up with latest updates. On being diligent and updated, you can surely be one of those 'most scoring' accounts on Instagram and enjoy the business marketing advantage through it.

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