Your Personal Guide to Gifting Krishna Paintings

By Internal Eseo - March 19, 2018

There is no denial of the fact that exchanging gifts is an inseparable part of our lives. Gifting is a way of showing your love and care to the receiver. In fact, in a country like India, there are so many occasions and rituals that giving and receiving gifts every now and then is a very common sight here.

However, individuals always get surrounded by the clouds of confusion and doubt when they have to gift something to their dear ones. Yes, we understand how difficult it can be to buy a gift for someone, especially if the person isn’t of your generation. He might be too young or too elder to you, and that must be leaving you wondering what should be gifted and what should not be. Is it? Don’t worry, we have a solution. Let us just give you a hint. It is something that can be gifted to a person of any age group. Moreover, not only will it be beautiful but blissful as well. Yes, one of such gifts is a Krishna or a Radha Krishna painting.

Therefore, in this blog, we tell you which Radha Krishna painting should you gift when. Keep reading to know the ideal painting for every occasion.

•    Housewarming Ceremony-
Housewarming ceremony celebrates the move of an individual or a group of individuals to a new house. Now, when making arrangements to shift to a new home obviously they would be planning to decorate their new house tastefully. So, when you are invited to someone’s housewarming ceremony, you should gift a Radha Krishna painting if a couple is shifting. Otherwise, you can gift any sort of Indian artwork. Just be sure that the colors of the painting are complementing the walls of the new house.

•    Baby Shower Function-
The tales attached to the mother-son bond which Yashoda and Krishna share are different. On a baby shower function, when you will give a painting of Yashoda and Krishna to the ‘to be a mother’, she will definitely love it. Moreover, it is believed that while a woman is pregnant, what she sees and eats influences the mind and body of the child inside his womb. Hence, every woman will love this painting as every woman wants her child to be like Krishna, notorious yet brilliant. Moreover, you can also give a painting showing the love between Balarama and Krishna. Besides, you can also give a baby Krishna painting that shows him playing with other Gwalas or cows. A painting of Krishna eating butter from a vessel can also be gifted. So, if you want to give any of such painting browse online and you will get the one you want at the comfort of your home.

•    Wedding Ceremony-
Art lovers who besides being one, are a strong believer in the divine knowledge that gifting a Radha Krishna painting isn’t considered appropriate. So, you should not gift such paintings to someone at their wedding. It is believed that they should not be gifted to a newlywed or a couple getting married as the love story of Radha Krishna never got sealed with the pristine bond of marriage. Apart from this, you should also not gift paintings which show Krishna surrounded with Gopis. Marriage is a promise of trust and loyalty to each other for life. In fact, you should not gift such paintings to lovers as well. Still, you can gift Krishna paintings that show him in other roles or highlight his skills. For instance, you can gift a painting that shows Krishna lost in playing his flute.

•    Birthday Celebration-
Let your thoughts wander while thinking of a painting as a birthday gift for a boy. If the person is an adult, gift him a painting that Shows Krishna encircled with Gopis while he is playing the flute. Moreover, you can also give a painting of Krishna in which he is lost in playing his flute melodiously. The hues of blue or green in the painting will make the painting perfect for hanging in the study room of the house or the music room of the school.

•    Indian Festivals-
Undeniably, India has a sea of festivals that keep coming all-round the year. Every festival celebrates some of the other god and so there are many paintings that celebrate Lord Krishna. Holi, Goverdhan, and Janmashtami are few of them. So, you don’t really need to think much while gifting a painting to someone on this occasion.
So, make sure you gift a Krishna painting according to the gifting guidelines mentioned above.

Happy Gifting!

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