Why India is Still Hesitating to Trust Online Shopping Portals

By Ravish kumar - March 21, 2018

Why India is Still Hesitating to Trust Online Shopping Portals

Experts predict that by the end of 2030, more than 1 billion Indians will be online. Moreover, with India having the largest number of Millennials as target market, the e-commerce market has currently become the fastest growing economy.       

The online shopping trend today is going up day by day. Lack of time among purchasers and compelling offers are two of the key reasons that is pumping up the online shopping stores currently. Most things available under the sun is now available online - Books, electronic appliances, apparels and accessories, insurance policies, flight tickets, hotel rooms, movie tickets, and even groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, these days you can even book a car or a flat online.

The popularity of shopping online has increased in the recent 2-3 years. And it is ever growing. Online shopping e-commerce portals are going out of their way to broadcast compelling and exclusive television and radio commercials. This is definitely increasing interest of shopping online among the general masses.

However, people are still unsure. With the news of online frauds everywhere, coming up every day, Indians are still skeptical to make any major purchase decision online. They might settle for buying a shirt or a bedspread from an e-commerce portal. However, most Indians will still think a thousand times over before purchasing a flat screen LED television worth Rs. 40,000/- or an insurance policy online.     

In a recent survey, conducted by Global E-commerce, it has been proved that 86% of Indians still refrain from making any online transactions using their smart phones. Even many of the online shoppers in India still opt for the option of ‘cash on delivery / COD’. The concept of COD is simple. The purchaser is getting the purchased item in hand and then making the payment. 

In the year 2016, 73% of online shoppers in India faced different set of challenges such as shipping, returns, empty cartons delivered with no products and so on. Such miscalculations and mismanagement on the part of online portals still prevent Indians from shopping online without any tension.    

Concept of buy now pay later

This is absolutely new kid in the block. Ever heard of making a cashless transaction while making your next online purchase? And by cashless means you are not paying a single Rupee to the online store at that moment for your purchase. All you need to do is select the ‘pay later’ option among the digital payment solution.

There are business vendors who are offering such mode of payment. The process is quite simple - you register with any of the ‘pay later’ partners available online. If your ‘pay later’ partner is included in the payment gateway of the online store you are purchasing from, you need to click that option and relax.  

The ‘pay later’ vendor will pay the money to the online store on your behalf. You can make the payment to the vendor within the stipulated time free of any interest. One of the key objectives of such digital payment solution is to provide you with a more secured buying option. You are not using any credit card or debit card while making your purchase. Therefore your account information and card details are remaining 100% safe. 

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