Why Buying Free Range Meat is a Better Value for Your Family

By Jitender Sharma - March 16, 2018

We all want to do what's best for a families which is why we look for a home in a safe neighborhood, we buy automobiles that have the latest safety features, we make sure that we visit the doctor and dentist regularly, and we pay close attention to the foods that we serve our families.

With our busy schedules and the complexities of life today, sometimes it is difficult to determine the healthiest path. Marketing sometimes takes precedence over ethics and companies seek ways to deceive consumers about their products. Because of this those who look for the healthiest choices must be very discerning when they shop. They must research their options carefully and get the opinions of experts who are dedicated to making sure that consumers make good choices.

Regarding good food choices, consumers must do their homework. There's so much conflicting data today about what you should eat, that sometimes even someone who is informed gets confused and discouraged. The saving grace is our own common sense. We can count on this good sense to help us make good food choices decisions, in spite of the marketing.

Free Range Meat is the Healthiest Choice

When it comes to choosing the best and healthiest meats for your family, experts agree that free-range meat is the best choice. Meat is designated as free range or grass fed meat, when the animal from which it was taken, grew up in and environment that recreated it's natural living conditions. This means farm animals live in conditions on a farm. For cows and sheep this means wide grazing areas. For chickens and pigs this means pens and coops where they have room to run and explore.

It also means that all of these animals are fed a natural diet, which includes high nutrient animal feed.  They are never given growth hormones and other medications that stimulate or quicken their growth. Further, because they are in humane conditions, there's no need for antibiotics, which are prevalent in the large food animal factories.

This better treatment of the animals extends to how they are slaughtered as well. This is conducted in a humane way, and ensures that the animal goes through as little stress as possible. Also, free-range butchers, ensure that the meat is stored in the most sanitary conditions possible, so that it is of the highest quality when delivered to consumers.

The result is that the meat from the animals raised in these environments is both healthier and tastier. Free range pork is healthy looking, sweeter, and firmer. Free range chicken has a beautiful glow, and the pieces or larger than typical chicken. Free range lamb has less fat, end is tenderer. And each of these meats contain many more healthy vitamins and minerals. In short, they are the best choice you can make when you want to give your family the healthiest meal.

The online butchers who sell this ethical meat have chosen to only provide the best. Because of the care taken, free-range meat can cost more than meat from industrial farm raised animals. However, the money saved from potential health problems due to low quality meat, along with your peace of mind, is well worth the added expense.

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