The 8 Magical Benefits of Eating Bitter Gourd

By Ravish kumar - March 30, 2018

The 8 Magical Benefits of Eating Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is more bitter than it is. It is said that bitter gourd does not have many diseases. Its medicinal value is also stated in medical science. Barella is used to prepare the medicines used. This is a bloodstream vegetable. The 8 Magical Benefits of eating Bitter Gourd .This is the reason that by consuming bitter gourd or drinking juice every day, many health problems can get rid of it. Read more about the benefits of eating bitter gourd and it is helpful in the treatment of many diseases.

Cure from the cough: the 8 Magical Benefits of Eating Bittergourd

Karela is a hot seasoned vegetable of summer season. Phosphorus is found in sufficient quantity in it. For one month, the daily intake of old cough becomes clear after consuming it daily. Karela has a great advantage in the treatment of cough.

Reduce sugar level

The 8 Magical Benefits Of Eating Bittergourd The diabetic patient should add only carrot juice in the fourth cup bitter juice and mix it with carrot juice. This reduces the level of blood sugar gradually. Drinking juice of bitter gourd at morning time proves to be very beneficial. Anti-hyper-glasmic elements like mammeridine and choratin are found in bitter gourd.

Elixir for stone patients

Stomach patients get relief from drinking juice of two bitter gourds and eating kerala's vegetable. This leaves the stone slowly and slowly out. Mix 20 grams of honey in the juice of bitter gourd and drink it by mixing stones and passing through the urine. Urine mixed with 50 ml juice of its leaves, it comes in the form of urine.

Helping to increase appetite: The 8 Magical Benefits of Eating Bittergourd

If you or someone in your family has a problem of appetite or lack of appetite, consuming bitter gourd will prove beneficial for him. In fact, due to lack of appetite, the body does not get complete nutrition, which causes health related problems. Therefore, drinking the juice of bitter gourd daily or drinking a kerala's vegetable keeps the digestion function right, which leads to hunger.

Also beneficial in skin disease

The 8 Magical Benefits Of Eating Bittergourd The bitters and alkylide elements present in bitter gourd serve as a blood purifier. Baking kerale's vegetable and grinding it in a mixer, putting on the hands and feet while sleeping at night, there is no boils and skin diseases. It is beneficial to drink lemon juice mixed with juice of bitter gourds in skin diseases such as herpes, itch, itching, and syoriosis.

Beneficial in diarrhea

When there is problem of vomiting, diarrhea or cholera, it is beneficial to get rid of bitter gourd with a little water and black salt. Barella is also very beneficial in liver related diseases. When there is ascites or liver, add two teaspoon bitter gourd juice in half a cup of water and drink it three to four times a day.

Hemorrhoids relief: The 8 Magical Benefits of Using Bitter Gourd

After having bloody piles, adding half a teaspoon of sugar in a spoon of bitter gourd stops bleeding after consuming it for one month. Massage of bitter gourd juice when arthritis or jaundice occurs, it relaxes within a few days.

Get rid of obesity

By adding bitter gourd juice and lemon juice to each morning for two months, it reduces toxacin and unnecessary fat in the body and causes obesity. If the digestive system is right then the stomach is correct, due to which the body fat does not increase.

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