Increasing the number of patients 'Computer Vision Syndrome'

By Ravish kumar - March 30, 2018

Increasing the number of patients 'Computer Vision Syndrome'

Fast running cannot deny the importance of computer in this life, but the number of people suffering from 'Computer Vision Syndrome' is constantly increasing due to hours of work on it. There is no way to use computers, but doctors of Dr Rajendra Prasad Eye Science Center of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) recommend that anti-glare glasses be found during working on it. It protects the eyes from the rays emitting from the computer. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Center's Professor Rohit Saxena said that the computer is very much a means to draw attention. When you work, keep watching in a computer or laptop, because it attracts you. ‘Computer Vision SyndromeThe eyes do not flick with it. Because of this, the water of the eyes becomes dry.

Professor said that nowadays people have to work for 12 hours on computer or laptop. When you read a book, you get up in 30-40 minutes and go around, but this does not happen while working on a computer. You sit continuously for hours. Saxena said that due to these reasons, the disease called 'Computer Vision Syndrome' has come into existence, in which involves drying of eyes, red eyes, getting water from the eyes and weakening of the muscles. He said that the problem of being itchy in the eyes or the redness of the eyes is everyone. This problem is more to someone than anyone. It depends on how much time you spend on your computer.

The other doctor of the center, Dewang Angma, said that the computer is not immediately aware of the side effects of the eye. It starts appearing after working five to six years continuously. He told that continuously working on the computer, the eyes become red and itching. Damping the eyes with dirty hands causes infection in the eyes or a scar on the eyes. If there is diabetes then this pimple goes very hard. Apart from this, the eye cornea can also be affected by repeated eye pain.’ Computer Vision Syndrome’, describing ways to keep eyes healthy during working on computers and laptops, Dr. Devang said that the computer screen should be slightly below the eyes or slightly below the eyes. The screen of a computer or laptop should not be above the eyes. The higher the screen its eyes, the more emphasis on the eyes.

He said that those working on ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ regular computers or laptops should always use anti glare lenses. Those who have eye glasses should wear anti-glare lenses in their glasses and they do not have glasses, they also wear ordinary glasses of anti-glare lenses. Better it is that the anti-glare mirror should be applied on the computer screen too.

Advising the eye workout, Dr. Deang said that people should take a break in every half hour and swallow the eyes 5-10 times in a hurry. ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ Apart from this the brightness of the screen should also be kept light. He told that the eyes usually flutter 12 to 16 times in a minute, which causes water in all parts of the eye and the moisture in the eyes remains intact.

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