How IoT is Reshaping the Mobile App Development Space

By Jitender Sharma - March 08, 2018

As you might have noticed, 2017 had been full of waves after waves of trends in the mobile app development space. Developers and users have loved the phenomenal advance brought forth using cutting-edge technologies. In facts the whole industry has seen a considerable boost due to these technological advancements.

Some of these trends have made it into 2018 while some have been left behind in 2017. One of the trends that made it into 2018 is IoT. As a top mobile app development company in India, we have observed a lot of trends enter and exit the mobility domain. The trend that interested us the most is IoT. We have high hopes from IoT since we believe that it is the future.

IoT is reshaping the mobile app development space. It is questioning and pushing the limits of what can be possibly done with mobile apps. IoT has been repeatedly telling us that what we have thought to be the limits of mobile apps is wrong; it exposes us to the limitless possibilities of things we can do with the help of mobile apps.

So how is IoT reshaping the current mobile app development space? Here’s how it is bringing about these changes:

It is growing, it is evolving

According to a report by The Motley Fool, the number of connected things is expected to rise to 50 billion. And why shouldn’t it? Mobile devices are being used an ever increasing rate, an increase which has resulted in an increase in the demand for new, smarter mobile devices. This change in the mobile devices has led to a major change in the mobile app development space. At the core of all of this change is IoT, which allows people to control everything connected to the internet, ie, every IoT device around them.

Everything is connected

With sensors, transmitters, and controllers, the IoT ecosystem has encompasses a wide range of devices and connectivity options. Owing to IoT, mobile apps now work with multiple operating systems, platforms and devices. Developers focus on finding innovative ideas and ways for connecting the IoT devices, now, more than ever. Given the diverse options available to users, from smartphones and tablets to wearables and high-tech sensors, this is quite a difficult task and is hence pushing the developers to get better quickly.

There’s data everywhere

IoT devices generate a lot of data, much of which had been untapped until recently when people realized the importance of data. Analyzing all of this data can give us important insights which we might miss out on if not for the data made available with the help of IoT devices. But since there is so much data generated, avoiding crashes and performance glitches is quite a task for developers. Hence the developers are on the lookout for mobile app development methodologies which avoid such problems and provide a smooth experience to the users whilst they work with the IoT systems.

BrainMobi is one of the leading mobile app development companies in India. We work extensively on IoT and are hell-bent on developing IoT solutions which are efficient and highly secure. Our team of top IoT app developers is enthusiastic about IoT and stay updated with everything that goes around in the IoT sphere. We have an innovative R&D team which ensures that the technologies we use for making IoT apps are always the best possible technologies. So send us an email mentioning your requirements at to get a free quote on your IoT app idea and get ready to know what next-gen app development services feel like!

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