How Can You Utilise Your Citibank Credit Card For Bill Payments?

By Internal Eseo - March 15, 2018

Citibank presents the best credit card for you. They can provide a card in various fields such as travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Citibank credit card has reward points and cash back benefits with each card offers, are amazed you.

Citibank one of the best-selling card in the market, know the individual’s wish and try to build that kind of features to fulfill your dream. Citibank can also provide many modes to maintain credit card payments option which you can choose as per convenience.

Before you can choose and apply for a Citibank credit card for payment, have to check your age eligibility and KYC first. The applicant should be 18 years of age with flawless previous credit history. You should share your identity and address proofs. For identity share Aadhaar card, Passport and Voter ID. For address need to provide them Aadhaar card, Voter ID or any government proof. These things are essential factors, and all shared documents should be correct otherwise, one error can stop your application. Now you can apply online your credit card, through visit the bank’s site and fill details. You will receive your card 2 to 3 weeks after verification all shared information.

Citibank Credit Card Payment options

The bank will provide both options offline and online. You can choose as per your comfort level and pay bills through this. The online option is the easiest way for paying bills without late fee charges. Most of you can choose an online mode, but offline payment is also an equivalent option. Maybe you feel uncomfortable to pay bills through online or don’t have net access. So you can check Cash and Cheque bill payment options.

Cash Payment Method: In this mode of payment, you need to visit the Citibank nearest branch and pay to the bank counter. They will provide your deposit slip for your in future proof.

Cheque Payment Method: If you want to pay bills through cheque, mentioned your credit card number and other required details.

Citibank Credit Card Payment via online service

Net Banking Facility: If you have a savings account in the same bank, then automatically it would link your net banking and pay bills without any tension. Yes, through this linking payment would be automatically debit by a bank as per payment date. While using online service, it is easy to know credit limit, due dates. Outstanding amounts and many things.

Mobile Banking Application: Mobile banking and net banking services are almost same. They provide the same facility as the net banking portal. What you need to do is, download mobile App and install on your mobile phone. After installation, you can utilize your App for payments.

AutoPay Service: This service is beneficial for them, who carries multiple credit card and strong chances to forget pay bills. When you have a current account with the same bank, then easily can set standing instruction to the account for automatic debit. After paying bills through autopay facility, they send email to your inbox just to inform you.

National Electronic Fund Transfer Service: You can pay bills with another bank account also via national electronic fund transfer facility. Just to add your credit card number to the payee account number to make a transaction of money through NEFT.

How Can You Check Your Citibank Credit Card Payment Details?

You can go through all your transaction record through bank statement. This transaction report, inform you of your credit card expenses, credit swipe report, purchases and lot more. You get to know the previous and present record of your credit card and try to maintain your credit limit. To maintain a credit limit shows how responsibly you can use your Citibank card for payments etc.

If you have any doubt related to your credit card, features, offers, or citibank credit card payment, then the bank has shared their toll-free number 1860 210 2484. You can ask any query through customer care service of Citibank and resolve your issues immediately. The executives are available for you to 24*7. They have provided a different mode of communications such as chat or an email. For chat number and email ID, you can find out to the bank web page and take further information.

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