Four Things to Keep in Mind If You Desire to Set Up a Fitness Clothing Business

By Internal Eseo - March 27, 2018

While fashion has always influenced fitness, the link between the two has never been stronger. Today, people hit the gym in head-to-toe outfits flaunting the latest fashion trends. Indeed, activewear is so popular it’s become a common sight in everyday life (even for people who aren’t exercising). This means that fitness clothing manufacturers have to create beautiful garments that are not only appropriate and effective for periods of intense exercise but that are also stylish and attractive. Therefore, if you are thinking about starting a fitness clothing line, you must first consider a few key points.

Which Fabric to Use?

Given the stresses and strains this clothing is likely to undergo, as well as the comfort that consumers are expecting from their fitness clothing, it’s important to consider what type of fabric to be using. With different materials available to fashion brands including Dri-Fit, Cotton / Spandex or Recycled Nylon Lycra from Carvico, understanding the benefits of each is critical. Regardless of which fabric you choose, you must ensure that the garment is still stylish and functional; otherwise, consumers will want to shop elsewhere.

What’s The Right Fit?

If you are planning on offering stylish activewear to consumers, it’s critical to understand the type of fit that they are expecting. Not just regarding the style of the garment (long-sleeve versus short-sleeve versus sleeveless t-shirts) but also in regards to the specific shape that each garment maintains. With current fashion trends pointing towards slimmer or tighter-fitting options such as printed yoga leggings, you must understand what your target consumer is expecting from a brand such as yours. Finding the right fitness clothing manufacturer that offers a wide selection of different styles and fits is the best way to go.

Who Should You Work With?

Of course, beyond the clothes themselves, the relationship you create with your manufacturer is imperative as well. Whether you like it or not, the ethical practices of the partners in your supply chain can significantly impact your business, meaning it’s critical to work with ethical manufacturers that look after their communities. Beyond that, working with highly-skilled, highly-reputed manufacturers is also a smart move, allowing your business to take advantage of their knowledge and experience, resulting in consistently produce high quality clothes and happier customers. Your goal shouldn’t be the cheapest clothes; it should be the highest quality, and that comes from ethical, experienced manufacturers.

Fitness Clothing Is Just Like Anything Else

You might think that starting an activewear line might be a unique experience, but in our experience, we get close to 100 enquiries every day from people looking to start a fitness clothing line. The points we’ve listed are essential for sportswear brands, but also for any other type of clothing.
Deciding the right fabric and fit of your clothing based on your target consumers’ expectations is crucial, as is working with the right type of fitness clothing manufacturer. If you get these parts right, the rest is made so much easier.

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