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By nick clair - March 05, 2018

A large number of construction workers get severely injured at their workplaces every year. However, by enrolling themselves onto the SSSTS training or Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme, construction site owners can take all the important and essential steps towards ensuring that they do everything that they can for running a construction site with low risks for their employees.

Candidates for the SSSTS refresher Course

      The SSSTS refresher courses are recommended for individuals who are:
      Serving as supervisors at construction sites
      Taking up supervisory roles for the first time.
      Wanting to serve as site supervisors.
      Looking for promotions
      Looking for an upgraded site supervisor training
For the ones who are looking to serve as supervisors on construction sites, it is necessary to take the SSSTS training. Undergoing this training can help such professionals in following the law in the correct manner and in remaining aware of the essential steps that they need to follow in reducing the dangers to the public and the employees.

The Inclusions of the SSSTS Course

      The SSSTS course covers different safety and health aspects in relation to site managers and supervisors specifically. These include:
      The role of the supervisor
      Safe procedures for work
      Safety and Health Law and its proper enforcement
      Risk Evaluation and Procedure Statements
      Management of Health and Safety
      Prevention Principles
      Permit Mechanisms
      Performance Measurement
      Control and Prevention of Fire
      Hazardous Substance
      Occupational Health which involves Asbestos, Vibration, and Noise
      Toolbox Talks Presentation
      Construction Design and Management Regulations
      Manual handling
      Personal Protection Tools
      Working at Heights
      First Aid and Accidents
      Intervention and Behaviour Skills
      The Main Objective Served by the SSSTS Course
The SSSTS course is basically a two-day course focused at the site supervisors who handle the day-to-day safety and health concerns on construction sites. This course is also for the site supervisors looking out for the knowledge and the information required for complying with their safety and health responsibilities. 
This two-day training source offers construction site supervisors with a clear and detailed understanding of safety, health, environmental and welfare issues along with the legal liabilities relevant to their work activities. The course showcases the requirement of promoting safety and health for supervising effectively. The main objective served by this course is providing construction site supervisors with relevant skills and knowledge needed for supervising construction sites in the most secure and safest way possible.
How is the SSSTS Course Helpful for Site Supervisors?
On successfully completing the SSSTS course, supervisors at construction sites will get the ability of:
      Understanding the issues of this industry
      Understanding the way safety and health laws are structured
      Identifying the way their supervisory roles fit in with managers who are in control of the safety of a site
      Carrying out risk evaluating and understanding the requirements for procedure statements
      Carrying out toolbox talks, procedure statement discussions, and site inspections
      Understanding the meaning of reactive and proactive monitoring.
SSSTS Training is crucial for all those individuals who want to be successful in pursuing a career as the site supervisor.

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