A Quick Guide To Using Instagram For E-commerce Businesses

By Internal Eseo - March 22, 2018

E-commerce businesses thrive on the internet's ability to market their products to a wide global audience. Today with so many options for marketing your products, it can often get overwhelmingly confusing to choose a particular medium to market your products on. However, in spite of having so many social media platforms at your fingertips, one platform which requires your attention is Instagram. Instagram can do wonders for your business, and you must capitalize on its potential for bringing in profits. In this article, you will learn how you can utilize Instagram as an efficient platform for shopping and increasing your revenues.

Evolution of Instagram

Instagram had started out as just an app for sharing media related to selfies and almost anything that was visually appealing. But today Instagram has branched out into the ever-expanding e-commerce industry. It will quite soon include features which would help online shoppers and e-commerce retailers with more convenience. Instagram knows that as a social media platform that commercial activities through mobile phones will overtake such activities being done through personal computers in a few years or maybe even a bit earlier. And because of this, Instagram wants to be at the forefront of this revolution. Instagram’s recent features would enable it to function as a promotional channel for e-commerce products and even for your entire e-commerce store. Potential customers and casual browsers will be able to explore and check out your products without feeling the need to leave their Instagram page and go to another website.

Understanding how to sell products on Instagram

Users who regularly use Instagram will obviously find it easy to use the shopping features of Instagram. As an e-commerce business owner who does not want to use Instagram too much for your personal use, you can turn it into a source for revenue making also. For this, you would be required to prepare a lot of good quality pictures which will serve to highlight the products you sell.

Starting out

Initially, when you are just starting out, you must upload photos which would feature around some of the top five products which you would be selling.  If a user clicks on your "tap to view products” links towards the bottom left side of your photo, then they will see a tag appear beside each of the items which would show the name of the product and its price.

When they click on these tags, they would be taken over to another page which will feature a total description and special features of this product along with any special accessories that might be associated with this product.

When the customer is still there, he or she can choose to click on the link for buying your products: this link would be embedded within your products' details, and then they would be redirected to your website from where they will be able to purchase your product. 

Understanding your customers

Reports show that Instagram has over 500 million daily users who are active on the app and a lot of them can be your potential customers. Instagram’s shopping features will provide you the chance to widely promote your products and multiply your sales by almost 200 percent. Instagram will also help to organize your marketing strategy. Using Instagram's Insights, you can learn about your followers depending on certain demographic factors, and you can also see which products of yours have drawn the most interests. This will help you to gauge which products have generated higher demands, and you can stock up on those more.

You must invest time in your Instagram's business page and get more followers for Instagramif you want to seriously expand your e-commerce website’s business and generate more revenues.


E-commerce websites have to find interesting and innovative strategies to market their products. Marketing strategies are never a constant and they have to be constantly evolved with new features to compete in this highly saturated marketing world. However, despite all of the changes that happen in the world of marketing two things remain constant and that is customer interaction and customer outreach. Winning customer trust is the first step towards generating brand recognition for your business. Instagram is the best social media platform for this purpose because not only it offers you highly optimized features to share your visual content through photos, but it also allows for wider discovery of your products through the use of hashtags. Hopefully, this article would help you to understand how Instagram can help your e-commerce venture better.

Author bio: Walter Moore is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. With his articles, he shares essential tips for business branding with real Instagram followers.

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