10 Things to Do When you Need a Break at Work

By Jitender Sharma - March 27, 2018

In between attending meetings, reaching deadlines, sharing updates, attending client calls, and making graphs, a break or two is necessary. Even a break of 5 to 10 minutes away from work can play a major role in reducing stress. But what to do during those breaks is important. It should take your mind away from work, so you get back to your workstation feeling refreshed and at ease. With that in mind, we have listed 10 best things you can do while stepping out on a break at work.

Do a few stretches

Sitting in front of a computer in one position can wreak havoc on your health. Just do a couple of back and hand stretches along with eye and neck exercises. This will help loosen up the muscles, and you will feel better too. Also, after your lunch, you can step out and take a walk.

Sit and meditate

Meditating is good for the mind and can help achieve a level of focus that is healthy. It’s a healthy habit that if inculcated can help combat anxiety and depression. Spend a couple of minutes quietly meditating, and you will have a revitalized mind and body.

Read a book

Post you lunchtime; you can do some reading self-help or motivating books. Read something inspiring and refreshing likeThe Entrepreneurs Book of Action by Rhett Power. If you need a break from all things corporate, then pick a fiction fantasy or horror novel.

Meal plan for the following day

Planning helps you live a structured life and what better than the 15-minute tea break? Utilize that break in planning meals for the following day. And make a list of ingredients you need to pick today when heading home. So no last minute rush tomorrow. This also assists in meal budgeting.

Work on other ways to make money like playing online rummy

It’s wise to earn money when on a break, isn’t it? So, download an Indian rummy app,which offers real cash prizes for winners, and start playing online rummy. You get a mental break from work, plus an opportunity to earn some side income.

Call a loved one

Dedicate some time from your lunch break to talk to someone you care about and are unable to give them enough time. This could be your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, kids, grandparents, besties, anybody at all. Talk to them and let them know you care and that you love them.

Get through a tutorial video

You may be seeking training to polish your Excel skills or presentation skills. Make break time the time you invest in enhancing your skillsets or building new ones. It’s a brilliant way to learn, get inspired andmove towards your goals.

Work on a planner or a bullet journal

Always keep short-term and long-term goals for yourself both personal and professional. List out and write down your daily, weekly and monthly goals in a planner or a bullet journal. Then chalk out plans to achieve them. Strike off goals that are accomplished and highlight the ones that are to be achieved very soon.

Appreciate your colleagues

A thank you note to a colleague who’s helped you out recently can work wonders at your workplace. It will make that colleague feel special and you happy.

Do nothing at all

Sometimes the best time spent is doing nothing. Just sit down, maybe with a cup of coffee, and watch the world – the beautiful people in it, the birds soaring up the skies, trees swaying with the winds. It’s a beautiful world after all.

Now next time you need a break at work, pick a number between one and 10 and do whatever corresponds with that number. Chances are you’ll feel much more relaxed than if you spent time scrolling through social media.

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