Types of Rotisthat You Can Savour In Indian Food Plate

By Jitender Sharma - February 05, 2018

To Indians, roti is one of the major dishes in their staple diet list. One can make rotis in different ways and people do use different ingredients to make one. Though regular rotis are made from whole white flour (which has high fibre, protein and carbohydrate), there are rotis made from other things as well.
Roti is also popularly known as chapatti and in different states of India one can get variations of these chapattis. Here are some popular roti types that one can get in India.


This is a major component in most North Indian meals and plain naans are mainly made from oil, yeast and flour. If one is not comfortable with yeast, they can replace it with other ingredients like baking powder, milk and yogurt. They are mainly made in a tandoor and before serving hot; they are brushed well with molten butter. One can pair them with any veg or non-veg dishes.

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is mainly made from whole wheat flour and they are either cooked in a tandoor or in a clay oven. They taste good when served hot and goes very well with any vegetable dish.

Paneer Kulcha

Kulcha is a type of Indian bread which is mainly eaten by the people of Punjab. They are made with a mixture of curd and plain flour. One can stuff the kulchas with paneer filling or they can use a filling of minced meat (Keemakulcha). This one goes well with rajma, chole and any kind of vegetables.


This one is a multi-layered paratha which is mainly made from dough made of plain flour and water. Then they are shallow fried on a tawa but preparing a layered paratha is all about the skill and not the recipe. It is a technique which one needs to acquire. Pair it with spicy pickles and it tastes delicious.

Makhani Roti

This one comes from the Mughlai kitchen. It is loaded with cream, butter and ghee. The roti is prepared from butter, whole wheat flour and crushed black pepper. It is said that using unsalted butter is the best thing but if you take salted butter then keep a check on your salt usage. Pair this one with any delicious veg and non-veg items.


It is a saffron flavoured chapatti which is a traditional one. This tastes a bit sweet and is made from plain flour, cream, ghee and yeast. It is then baked properly in an oven. You can prepare the dough with warm and sweetened milk instead of water. Add some saffron to it.

Khamiri Roti

This particular type of roti is made from yeast. Also the name Khamiri means the same. Here yeast is mixed with flour to make soft rotis. One can pair them with any vegetable dish for dinner.

VarquiParatha (WarqiParathas)

They are prepared with plain flour and wheat flour. One can pair them up with any chicken dish and enjoy.

You can prepare any of these chapattis at home.

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