Top Web Analytics Sites

By Ravish kumar - February 14, 2018

Top Web Analytics Sites

Web analytics as you know is a must tool for measuring the performance of any blog or website. To continue blogging successfully or to understand the demand for your viewers, web analytics is the best possible tool.

There are several web analytics tools in the market for you to try. Here I’m listing some of them.

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The first name that comes to my mind is, Alexa. Alexa provides you some dynamic keyword difficulty tools, on page SEO checkers, SEO audit tools etc. and also helps you in doing some competitive analysis with the help of, audience overlap tool, website traffic statistics etc. For better understanding, Alexa provides you resources like video tutorials, e-books etc. In fact, you can learn more about web analytics by reading their blogs published on their website.

Alexa is a not a free analytics tool, and post 7-day free trial, you need to choose between two plans, costing, $99/month and $149/month respectively.


The next best web analytics tool is Quantcast. They provide different analytics tools depending on the type of your website. If you have a blog where you publish articles regularly, then your web analytics report will be different from a website which concentrates on buying and selling of products. Quantcast provides tools for both kinds.

Their products include both measuring and advertising tools. They let you enhance your knowledge more by providing you with blogs.

Website Informer

Another remarkable tool in the field of web analytics is, Website Informer. The best thing about this site is, along with the status of traffic and related statistical explanations, this web analytics tool gives you each and every information related to the website. Like, its IP address, the name of its owner, contact details and a lot of other information. That way you can decide very easily if the site is a scam or a genuine one. They also help you with investment and marketing strategies.

Google Analytics

This web analytics tool is coming from our very own Google itself. This advanced tool helps you in understanding the website traffic, gives you solutions based on the traffic analysis for both small and big businesses, provides you with live analytics etc. some of its notable features are, collecting and managing of data, analyzing of data, powerful solutions for your business and so on. Another good thing about Google Analytics is that it is a free tool. Also, it provides many posts on their website to motivate business owners. So, when are you subscribing?

That was pretty much about the web analytics tool I thought you must know about. Now that you understood the significance and function of web analytics in establishing a successful website or blog, you must be thinking of exploring your options further, aren’t you?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you out in knowing more about web analytics tools so that you can use this tool for the betterment of your blog or website.

To have a better understanding, visit I assure you, there you’ll find more information about web analytics tools.
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