Top Ten Chicken Dishes that Would Titillate Your Taste Buds

By Jitender Sharma - February 06, 2018

Chicken is probably the most popular food all over the world. Except for vegetarians almost everybody eats chicken. More often than not people tend to love eating chicken. This is because chicken has a very simple taste which concurs with almost everyone’s food palate. Chicken is also widely available throughout the world. And in most places chicken is pretty cheap. Since it is cheap so many people can afford it.

There are numerous dishes that can be prepared with chicken as the main ingredient. Almost all of the dishes that are made with chicken are mouth wateringly delicious. Most people have different favourites when it comes to how they like their chicken prepared. Preparing chicken is pretty easy. But there are some dishes with the main ingredient chicken which are just better than other dishes and almost everyone loves these dishes. These dishes are famous almost everywhere all over the world. No matter where you go you would be able to find these chicken dishes. In most places, these dishes are considered as delicacies.

One trick to cooking chicken is if you add papaya while cooking chicken it helps cook the chicken faster. This is a pretty neat trick and this helps in cooking the chicken better and softer and makes it much less chewy. Nobody likes rubbery chicken.

Following are the top ten dishes that can be prepared with chicken:

1.      Pepper chicken:Pepper chicken is a dish that is very popular all over the world. The name is pretty self-explanatory and is absolutely delicious and almost everyone who eats chicken absolutely loves this preparation.

2.      Butter chicken: This is a dish that is found all over the world and it has a few different names in few different places as well. An example would be that in India butter chicken masala is a pretty famous dish which is available almost everywhere throughout India.

3.      Chicken rezala: This is a pretty popular dish among foodies as well.

4.      Barbeque chicken: This is probably the most popular and one of the best ways to prepare chicken.

5.      Grilled chicken: Just like barbeque chicken grilled chicken is also a pretty popular preparation of chicken.

6.      Kadhai chicken: This is a dish that you would find predominantly in India and it is a very tasty chicken dish.

7.      Chicken biriyani: Biriyani in itself is probably one of the best foods that exist in this world and add to that chicken it becomes a food sent straight from heaven. Nothing can measure up to the joy of receiving a hot steaming bowl of chicken biriyani.

8.      Chicken Burger: This is a very common and tasty dish prepared with chicken.

9.      Chicken tandoori: Anybody who likes chicken has surely once at least eaten chicken tandoori.

10.  Chicken Dopeyaza: This is also a dish from the Indian cuisine.

Any one of the above dishes is absolutely tasty in and of itself. The great thing about chicken is that you can almost add it to any dish and it would make the dish that much better. 

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