Integrating Value Added Features is Vital in Ecommerce Website Hosting

By Ravish kumar - February 19, 2018

Integrating Value Added Features is Vital in Ecommerce Website Hosting

The development of ecommerce websites involves a number of web hosting solutions like efficient shopping basket functions and strong security among others. When it comes to ecommerce website hosting entrepreneurs can choose from a number of specialized services and tools needed to set up and run a website for online business. 

Hosting of ecommerce websites is quite different from usual web hosting because managing a commercial website requires several specialized features and functions such as database support, software for shopping cart, SSL, systems for processing payments and security software. In order to keep a website safe from all kinds of cyber attacks by hackers a site owner needs a general idea of how all these add up to strengthen his chances of achieving success in his ecommerce venture.

Why fast loading of pages is critical

In any ecommerce website there is going to be multiple images of individual product variants so that the customers is fully satisfied with what s/he is buying. The other challenge here is that these images need to be really good, which means they would be having quite high resolution and as a result, will take up a lot of space. When that happens, the first casualty is the loading time of the website which can lead to loss of valuable traffic and that’s something every business wants to avoid. Therefore, these images would have to be managed optimally through database and other support from the vendor.

For an ecommerce website the process of managing images is a continuous one. New products keep arriving every day, for which new pages need to be created or older pages need to be updated with new product descriptions, pictures etc. A good ecommerce website hosting service provider who offers the complete suite of web services will take all these factors into consideration and customize the solutions for you. Normally, big ecommerce operations require fairly large in-house teams of web tech professionals to handle the huge list of tasks associated with new page uploads or old page updates. If older pages are not updated with newer content they unnecessarily consume space on the site, slowing down load times.

Smooth and efficient integration of value added tools

Another critical aspect of an ecommerce website is the shopping cart. The customer’s mind doesn’t change much when it comes to checkout, whether it is online or offline – they want it to be over, smooth and fast. Checkouts today are not as simple a customer feeding in her credit card details and the transaction is over. To begin with, a good ecommerce website hosting company will ensure that the checkout process is not layered across two or three pages because it not just delays the checkout, which the customer dislikes, but also adds to the delay with additional loading time for the additional pages.

The online marketplaces are going head over heels to offer takeaways and goodies to their customers which are evident in the number of cashback and discount coupons that are offered to customers on the checkout queue. Adjusting such last moment cashbacks and discounts to a customer’s part or total billing in real time requires very high quality programming at the backend as well as speedy web server response. Of course there are a number of other processes that simultaneously work to sustain such functionality to the best of its capacity.

Finally it boils down to how well the ecommerce website hosting company handles the task of integrating the different tools to add value to the customer’s checkout experience. In addition to the cashbacks and discounts, that directly benefit the customer’s wallet, there are other enabling tools like price comparison or quick accounting platforms that may be integrated to the ecommerce website. In all these features, the website will need to offer fast and efficient user experience to have any chance of a return visit from the same customers.

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