Have Smartphones replaced Computers and Laptops?

By Sandeep malik - February 27, 2018

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone for the first time in the year 1876, nobody would have thought that a series of inventions would start taking place and that we will finally reach a point where we would outgrow telephones. We are living in times where every year some new technology pops up and is better than the previous one by leaps and bounds. Similar to the telephone scenario, computers and laptops were also irreplaceable. But with time smartphones caught up and now they have almost ousted the usage of laptops and computers. These days, mobile marketing is one area on which a lot of businesses depend on. One can imagine a day without their laptops but not having the company of their smartphone is impossible to think.

With just a swipe and tap you can get your tasks done which would have otherwise taken a huge chunk of your effort and time. Below mentioned are 6 ways in which smartphones rule your day:

  • Fast Computing Power & Ample Amount of Storage Capabilities
Since computers made their way into our lives they have been much in demand for their processors and robust CPUs that could convert a large amount of raw data into meaningful information within a few seconds. And if we compare the situation with current phone brands like Panasonic India, Lenovo India then we will find that there isn’t any difference between the two anymore. Our smartphones can also handle huge volumes of data all thanks to the processing powers embedded inside them. These brands have internal storages of 16GB and 32GB and are very easily available in the market along with the provision to increase the memory in the form of external storage of generally up to 64GB and 128GB.

  • Accessibility to Internet
Basic executions like responding to emails, taking notes, creating graphs, calculating and computing data, making documents and presentations and many others are all possible to perform on our highly portable cell phones. There was a time when to carry out these activities one would need a computer but not anymore, with all-time access to the entire Microsoft Office and unlimited availability of Internet via data network and WiFi. And so accessing any important data, whether it is personal or business related, can be done at any point on your smartphone.

  • Easy Access on your Fingertips with Mobile Apps
We spend a significant amount of our digital time on our mobile devices and 80% of the time is utilized in browsing mobile Apps. There was a time when in order to check our account balance we would get our bank passbook updated. To pay our utility bills we would have to go the nearest branch. But with smartphones and the availability of several mobile Apps our trips have shortened at the ease of our fingertips.

  • Responsive Designs and Smooth Browsing
For a long time, we were dependent on our computer screens because of the superior viewing experience and their big screen sizes which made it extremely easy for us to surf the net and navigate through websites making the whole experience an enjoyable affair. This used to be a problem when viewed on small screens of the earlier smartphones as the web pages were not able to adjust to the changing screen sizes, devices and resolutions.
With the evolution of a responsive web design, eventually smartphones also caught up with the trend and made sure to give the user a delightful experience. Now there is hardly any difference between the viewing experience on smartphone and a computer.

  • Introduction of AI-enabled Virtual Assistants
We all know that searching for anything using a keyboard is way more difficult than the virtual keyboards embedded in our smartphones. This further developed to intelligent personnel like Siri and Google Assistant, you can get all the data without even using your fingertips. They offer a variety of options like voice commands to get a personalized experience by asking you questions and providing you answers thereby eliminating the need to carry your laptops everywhere.

  •  Price
With all the features intact in both the devices, let’s admit which option would you go for? Obviously, the cheap one and that is your smartphone. There are so many cell phone variants available in the market at attractive price ranges for all kinds of budgets. You get unlimited features and what’s more is you also save a lot of money with this.

Technology is growing at a lightning fast speed but for now, it is a long way for any other device to come and replace smartphones because of the multipurpose device that it is. And so a lot of experiments seem to be taking place in every field with regards to smartphones and we also urge you to experiment with different types of mobile phones instead of opting for a costly one.

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