Gentleman’s Guide To Find The Most Classic And Timeless Hats

By nick clair - February 28, 2018

Despite the rapidly changing fashion norms and sensibilities, the one accessory that has remained a style statement for decades is the hat. We all remember that one hat which defined the style of our grandfather. Although we come across different kinds of headgear during our childhood and growing years, there are only a few signature style hats for the grown-up and mature man.
You can find men hats online, but you should know the key features of each kind available. Read on to know more.

The iconic Fedora

This cult-classic hat became synonymous with chivalry and manliness for a long part of the last century. Traditionally, a Fedora is made of felt and has pinched sides. A distinct crease goes down its crown and the front side of this hat looks like a wedge. Its huge and very flexible brim makes this type of hat a huge hit. This hat remains to be among the most proper and classy hats that men have adorned.

The dressy Homburg

This type of hat is very similar to the Fedora but is much dressier. The Homburg is your best bet if you are looking for a formal and no-nonsense business look. Its brim is stiffer than that of the Fedora and it doesn’t have the pinches on the sides. However, with the same prominent crease on the crown, this hat is often confused with a Fedora. The Homburg has remained a faithful friend of many influential personalities like media moguls, corporate giants, and politicians. It is not surprising that this hat is among the costliest in this list.

The cool Westerns

Out of all the kind of men hats online, this category has the maximum mass-appeal. Western hats are typically characterised by a very high crown and extra-wide brims. Many of these hats also have a dual crown in which the felt material is hardened by creases. One very popular style of these hats is the cowboy style that is associated with strength and masculinity and has been seen a lot in movies.

The humble Pork Pie

Yet another variation of the Fedora hat with much lower crown height is the Pork Pie. The flat topside of this hat and creaseless design make the Pork Pie the hat of choice for tall gentlemen. These hats don’t have wide brims and are ideal for people of tall and broad frames. The neat look of these hats makes them a suitable alternative to more expensive hats like Fedora and Homburg.

The neat Derby

This distinct type of hat is characterised by a round and stiff dome-like crown which is devoid of any crease.  This dome is supplemented with curled up brim that is quite narrow. This hat is ideal for casual outings and family time because they lack the formal looks and appearance of the Fedora or the Homburg.

Before selecting from the diverse range of men hats online, it is important to consider the shape of your face and the frame of your body. Some hats suit one particular face-cut more than others. Therefore, it is advisable that you go to a physical store and try out a few models before coming back home for online shopping.

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