Don’t Know How to Check Credit Score? Read The Steps Here

By Ravish kumar - February 09, 2018

Don’t Know How to Check Credit Score? Read The Steps Here

Many of you will surely agree on the fact that at the time of availing a loan or credit card, there is one common question that strikes the mind of many. Well, it's not just the interest rate query that bothers many but there is another crucial factor that plays a pivotal role when it comes to availing a loan or a beautifully designed credit card. Now, you must be wondering which is that factor? So, without keep you waiting for so long, let’s just reveal the suspense in the article below.

Have you ever got a call from a credit card company or bank? And, the moment you say yes to avail any of the product, their next question is usually related to your credit score. Yes, they ask your cibil/credit score just to know whether you can be trusted to give away either a loan or a credit card. And, they find that your score is not good, it would be difficult for you to grab the lucrative loan or credit card offer. Not only this, in many cases, lenders and the credit card companies reject the application of the individual on the basis of poor score. So, it would not be wrong to say that a credit/cibil score is one such crucial parameter that makes or break the situation for you. This is the reason that why people are always so curious about how to check credit score.

And, if you are also in the same dilemma and curious to know the best way through which you can quickly and easily check your CIBIL score, you are at the right place. You would be glad to know that there are numerous sites these days that offer you this online facility, wherein you can easily, just from your comfort and convenience can check your score anytime. All you need is a PAN Card and you are sorted. So, without wasting any time further, take a look at the steps mentioned  below…

Steps to Check Credit Score Online

Step 1: To know your score, simply open the CIBIL page
Step 2: Enter your Name as per PAN Card, Date of Birth, Gender and PAN Card number
Step 3: Give  your contact details such as current residence address, email ID and mobile number
Step 4: Agree to the terms and condition
Step 5: Click on submit button

These simple and quick steps allow an individual to know his/her score without any hassle. By providing few important credentials as per your PAN card, an individual can not only be aware of his/her score but he/she can also get a credit report. Just like a cibil score, a lot of queries for credit report are also available. Yes, after all, it is a detailed document that contains the credit history across different lenders over a significant period of time. This comprehensive report provides the details of an individual’s or a corporate entity’s borrowing history along with the repayment record. Basically, the cibil report includes the following information:

  • Personal details of an applicant (name, age, gender and address)
  • Employment details and earnings
  • Number of hard enquiries made by potential lenders on receipt of the loan/credit card application
  • Record of previous and current loans along with the payment record
  • Any defaults on loan
  • The details of settled loans, if any
  • Total credit limit and the amount spent monthly (Credit Utilisation Ratio)
  • Any credit card payment defaults
  • Credit score

After reading the steps above regarding how to check credit score and report, there is no denying the fact that it would be easier for you to understand the significance of the word cibil/credit. And, in order to always stay in a good credit/cibil position, it would be advisable that you follow certain practices. Yes, by keeping certain things in mind such as paying credit card bills on time, avoiding unnecessary expenditure, not checking your score on a frequent basis actually help you in maintaining a good score,which further allows you to grab the best credit card / loan deal.

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