Common Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips That You Should Know About.

By Internal Eseo - February 26, 2018

For any homeowner, it’s important to look out the garage door at a regular time to keep it functioning smoothly. An unbalanced and non-maintained door can’t work for a long time and get malfunctioned; you know what this means. The garage door stops functioning and you need to call the professionals to fix it and you may cost too much sometime.
But you can save bucks if you inspect and troubleshoot the garage door closely. Yes, this will give you red signal and so, the problem will be solved before the situation may become worse. So, here we have listed some good troubleshooting and maintenance tips that will definitely help homeowners to keep their garage door running with ease for a long time. 

A door becomes difficult to shut up and down.
This is one of the common problems that almost all homeowners experience in their life and the common reason behind this problem is an electric opener. In this case, you should follow the owner manual. How to check? It’s easy. Just pull the release cord (red in color mostly) that often located below the opener and used to set the garage door in a manual mode. If it works well when you perform this, the problem is nothing but with the electric opener. But If the garage door is heavy, the problem could be the springs. Need to adjust or replace the broken springs. It’s an advice that do not try to fix the spring tension related issues yourself as they work under the high pressure & dangerous to adjust; it may cause damages and sometimes life-threatening issues too. In such cases; you have only option to call the professionals.

A garage door is jammed.
Another common problem, a homeowner should worry about. This is due to the misaligned of your garage door tracks. Definitely, you need to realign again to run the garage door on them smoothly. Generally, the tracks are heavy and difficult to handle for one or two persons especially when they are a novice to garage door system It’s a tricky task and it is better to hand over this job to professional technicians.

Photo-Eye is Blocked.
Since 1993, every garage door should have a photo-eye technology for a security purpose. This photo eye prevents the door from closing when an object or a person is blocking the way of sensors. This eye is attached about 4-6 inches above the ground mostly. It emits the laser across the length of a door (horizontal); once it interrupted; it will send a signal to stop door closing and reverse its position.

How to check; it is working fine or not?
Put an object in between the sensors and close the door; if it isn’t reverse its position means something is wrong with this. The possible reasons behind the photo-eye problems are:
Rust & dirt can clog the eye & so, block the laser beam. Clean it with tissues; your problem will be solved.

Electrical problem: Due to loosened wire connection, a sensor can’t emit the beam to another end of a door. In such situation; it is better to tighten the wires again and then check.
Most of the garage door and its opener problems can be easily solved with a few adjustments and also can be prevented with the basic maintenance. If the guidelines and maintenance steps are taken properly, the doors should stay last long (~ 20 years) and also the garage door opener last a decade. These small steps create a big impact on a door and keep it functioning well for last long. Ultimately, spending 15-20 minutes a month on a garage door may save money and your family too.

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