Best Ethereum Mining Rig - It Is Always Best To Purchase One Online

By Ravish kumar - February 27, 2018

Best Ethereum Mining Rig - It Is Always Best To Purchase One Online

Mining of Ethereum is a term of description of the process of extraction of tokens belonging to crypto currencies. These tokens of crypto currency are extracted from a network of blockchain in mining Ethereum.

What is an Ethereum Mining rig? 

A rig is a machine or an equipment dedicated to perform an exclusive task. A mining rig is a machine dedicated to mining Ethereum. An Ethereum mining rig is a computer system used for mining Ethereum. This computer machine serving as an Ethereum Mining rig can be an exclusively dedicated machine for Ethereum mining, which is procured, built or operated only for Ethereum mining. Or it may also be a computer machine that works for other work also than performing mining work only. It may effectively perform as a gaming system, and may only be performing as a mining rig to mine Ethereum on a part time basis.

How an Ethereum Mining Rig is built?

Ethereum mining involves having computers constantly and continuously run an algorithm for hashing. This process involves an intake of arbitrarily very large amount of information. This information is condensed into a string of letters and numbers of a decided or fixed length. This hashing algorithm for Ethereum is known as ehash. An ehash hashes Meta data from the latest or most recent block. This is done by using a device known as nonce. A nonce is a unique binary number that in turn produces a unique value of hash. The blockchain network sets a new target hash value for each new block in the blockchain. The miners try to guess about the nonce that will result in that value. This is the process of an Ethereum Miner to solve the mathematical puzzle to mine Ethereum.

Cryptographic hashing makes guessing about the nonce that will result in the target value, practically impossible. The correct nonce can only be found by cycling through every possible solution until the correct solution is found. This process is known as “Proof of Work”. It means the computer which discovered the correct nonce must have actually done the base work. It means the computer must have used the computing power to run the hashing algorithm to find out the correct nonce. The miner who finds the correct nonce is rewarded with 5 Ethers and is awarded the block. This begins a new cycle that recurs about in every 12 seconds.  

The mining rig requires some good processing power. Graphics Processing Units are best for this purpose. Now, the latest versions of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) have been found best and most cost efficient.  

Best Ethereum Mining Rig- always best to purchase online

Building a mining rig to mine Ethereum has not proved to be worth for months. This building process would soon prove to be out of date. There are many Best Ethereum Mining Rigs available for the Ethereum miners, to be shopped for, online. There are many models of different Ethereum Mining Rig available with different configurations at the leading online retail stores for reasonable price structure. It saves time and money for the Ethereum miner who has to build an Ethereum Mining Rig for herself/himself. This time saved by purchasing the best Ethereum Mining Rig can very well be used in mining Ethereum and earning the money by the miner.  

Start Mining Ethereum- a relatively easy job

It is quite easy for a beginner to start mining Ethereum on her/his personal computer having Windows as operating system.
  1. One needs to get her/his video card drivers installed. Advance Micro Devices (AMD) on Graphics Processing Units.
  2. One then needs to head over to to download her/his Graphic Processing Unit drivers.
  3. One needs to get an Ethereum wallet address. It is best to install a wallet.
  4. One then must get the blockchain.
  5. One then sets up her/his wallet.

The beginning of mining Ethereum process is complete.   

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