What is a Customs Broker?

By Internal Eseo - January 17, 2018

What is a Customs Broker?
When crossing borders, the clearance process is necessary in making sure your goods reach your customers. It involves a number of components related to the filing of the Customs entry that needs to happen before Customs may decide to release your product into the country of import. The entry process also involves duty being calculated and paid. The amount of duty you need to pay depends on a number of factors, including special provisions and exceptions, the country of origin, how the product was made and how it will be used. A customs broker can help ensure the goods are classified properly and you take advantage of any duty reduction associated with free trade agreements.

Partnering with a customs brokers means that you can leave the clearance process to the professionals, and have more time to grow your business and focus on other business priorities.

 What does a customs broker do?

In an increasingly globalized world with trade numbers increasing each year, a customs broker provides specialized knowledge that allows you to access foreign markets and a broader customer base for your products. Customs brokers are experts on Customs regulations, tariff schedules, and free trade agreements and can use this knowledge to help you minimize your duty liability. 

Specialized knowledge

A customs broker is experienced in dealing with the complexities of multiple currencies, duty rates, free trade agreements and import and export regulations, to name just a few. They ensure that your goods are efficiently and reliably cleared for entry into the country of destination, be it Canada or worldwide.
Licensed customs brokers possess specialized, in-depth knowledge on the documentation required and regulations that apply to each of your products that enter or leave the country. They stay ahead of changing rules and regulation and applicable legislation and have intimate knowledge of supply chain. 

Supply chain expertise

A customs broker can help you optimize your supply chain. They have lasting relationships with Customs agencies and related agencies that regulate your goods. They know all about leveraging various transportation modes such as ground, air and ocean to get your goods where they need to be at the best ratio of cost and time. 

What can a customs broker do for you and your business?

A customs broker can help you avoid costly mistakes by making sure your documentation complies with all applicable regulations by doing the following:
-          Ensure imports and exports comply with the laws and regulations of all applicable governing bodies in the countries of import and export
Verify that the required documentation is completed fully and accurately prior to submitting it to regulatory bodies
Ensure that your goods are correctly classified
Prepare and submit the required information and payments to Customs authorities on your behalf, increasingly using electronic communication technologies.
In addition, customs brokers are a great source of personalized advice. A customs broker can provide valuable insights into your industry and thereby contribute to your business’ success.

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