Top 5 Spy Software for Mobile and PC

By Ravish kumar - January 17, 2018

Top 5 Spy Software for Mobile and PC

Are you on the lookout for spy software to monitor the mobile phone and computer use of someone else? Though there are numerous monitoring and tracking applications for cell phones and computers readily available at the moment, it can be a daunting chore to pick out the worthy from the bulk. To help you get the best, we have listed down here the top spy software that are intended for parents and employers to monitor and manage the use of personal computers and mobile phones.


TheOneSpy is among the most advanced monitoring software developed to track mobile phones and computers of children and employees. The compatible devices of the spy software include Android cell phones, iOS-supported phones, Windows computers and MAC computers. There are time-based subscriptions of the software varying with the device operating system, package plans and subscription period.

The spy software flaunts a broader range of features to distantly monitor and control the targeted cell phone or computer. Once the software is installed on the monitored device, it gets access to device data and uploads the data to TOS online account. The end-user of the spy software i.e. parents or employers can log into the account by providing details of the username and password. The account is used to monitor the device data including the messages, contacts, call logs, web history, emails, photos, keystrokes and other relevant information. Moreover, the account is used to send commands to the spy software to make it execute certain tasks on the monitored device.

The cell phone spy software lets you read the incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and instant messages of your offspring and workforce. It records all the phone calls received and made from the target phone to let you listen and download these calls. Also, it provides the contact details of the person who exchanged message or phone call with your target. The app lets you spy on social media and instant messaging apps including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Viber, IMO, Tinder, Kik, Hike, Telegram and Yahoo Messenger among others. Meanwhile, it lets you supervise the internet use on the targeted devices by providing the browsing history of those devices. Moreover, the spy app lets you monitor the device surroundings and capture targeted device’s screen.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is an award-winning monitoring and parental control software that protect children from inappropriate online content. The web filtering feature of the software blocks the access to the websites having pornography, gambling and violence. Also, you can set restrictions on online games, social media apps and email accounts of your children. The software also masks profanity and this is what not any other computer monitoring software offers. The application also takes screenshots when your kid goes online. To monitor messages of your children, you need to buy another program of the company which can be a bit expensive.    

Norton Family

Norton Family is among the top monitoring applications that work both on mobile phones and computers. Similar to Net Nanny, Norton also offers strong web filtering options with its 47 filter categories. As well as blocking the unwanted and age-inappropriate websites, the spy software also blocks messaging and chat programs. Also, you can restrict your kids from using emails on their devices and sharing photos and videos. The spy software records all the emails, messages, internet searches, photos, videos, social media activities and almost every restricted and unrestricted activity performed on the monitored devices. 


Qustodio is a great spying solution that lets you protect your kid from online threats and helps you locate your children when they are in trouble. The web filtering feature of the spy software blocks websites having pornography, gambling and violence. It also blocks the gaming and online shopping sites. The file-sharing blocking feature of the software prevents your kids from sharing photos, videos or other documents. It monitors the email and messages received and made from the targeted device. Also, it captures online activities of your children and shows the time kids spend on social media and other websites. The GPS tracker lets you keep tabs on the location of your target.


SecureKin is a feature-rich spy application that is compatible with mobile phones and computers. It lets you secretly monitor the messages of your target; listen to the phone calls received and made from target phone; track the GPS location; monitor the social media accounts and record the instant messaging chats. The computer and cell phone spy software allows parents to supervise the internet use of their children. The app lets you find out which are the websites frequently visited by your children and at what time.
Hope you would have found this list of top spy applications helpful in finding out the best monitoring application for mobile phones and personal computers.

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