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By nick clair - January 16, 2018

The Bundela Rajput Chief, Rudra Pratap Singh founded the historic city of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh during the 16th century on the banks of River Betwa which splits into seven channels. It’s believed that these seven channels are in honour of seven Chiefs from its time. The monuments, temples and scenic splendour brings tourists from different parts of the globe.

Must Explore
Orchha Fort – On the island of Betwa, is situated the Orchha Fort which houses several temples and palaces. The most talked about among them are Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal and Rai Parveen Mahal. Not only architectural intelligence but a beautiful view of the lush green land with hills is surely breathtaking! As per history, King Indramani built a palace of Rai Praveen, a poet and dancer mesmerized by her charm and cultural stigma and named it after her.

Chaturbhuj Temple - Built by the Bundela Rajput King in 17th century, the site of Chaturbhuj is believed to have been selected by the King so that he could Lord Krishna from his balcony.

Jhansi Fort – Jhansi Ka Quila or Jhansi Fort was built about 400 years ago! Can you imagine? It covers 49 acres while the museum inside the fort displays artefacts which gives a detailed picture of history of Bundelkhand

Orchha Wildlife SanctuaryPlan your trip in the Maharajas Express train, where you are treated like a king from history while being promised all modern day basic amenities and comforts. Known for being home to about 200 species of birds, the place is famous for housing some endangered species of wildlife with rich plantation and sheer scenic splendour.

Chhatris–There are 14 chhatris on the banks of Betwa are dedicated to the mighty Bundelkhand rulers and exhibit the sheer craftsmanship of the artisans from the era.

Laxminarayan Temple– A combination of fort and temple, Laxminarayan Temple was built in 1662. The paintings and artwork on the walls and ceilings add to the charm of the deity Goddess Laxmi, and is one of the most amazing temples in Orchha.

Dinman Hardaul’s Palace - Prince Hardaul ended his life to prove himself when his elder brother, Jhujhar caught him of being romantically involved with his ladylove. Not only as a symbol of innocence but also the awesome artisans’ work from the olden days is what this Palace from 17th century exhibits!

Phool Bagh– The beautiful garden, Phool Bagh was also built in memory of Prince Hardaul. The Badgir Sawan Bhadon Towers, built to hold the passing winds to cool the Palace andChandanKatorafountains are noteworthy here.

Ram Raja Temple–The only temple which worships Lord Ram both as God and King! The myth goes like this – Madhukar Shah, the ruler once dreamt of Lord Rama and he brought an idol and placed it in the palace. After constant efforts, the idol couldn’t be moved to the temple and then the ruler remembered his dreamt, as per which the deity couldn’t be moved from where it was first placed. Madhukar then decided to transform the palace to a temple!

Bundela Restaurant – Traditional live Bundel khandi music along with Chinese and Continental dishes at a price ranging INR 140 – 350 is an amazing deal! 

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