The know How of a Dialysis Course and its Technicians

By Internal Eseo - January 30, 2018

Did you know that technicians can be care givers too? One of the most rewarding and financially sufficient courses, which have been pulling a large number of candidates to it in the last couple of years, is a diploma in Dialysis course which trains you to become a dialysis technician. A diploma course is for a shorter duration than a degree course and the training is very rigorous. But, if you are planning to become a Dialysis technician, then this is the best way to go about it.

What is a Diploma in dialysis technician course?

With age or due to a disease, sometimes our kidneys lose the ability to filter out the toxic waste from the blood and hence the entire blood in the body stands the risk of getting polluted which can result in death. Dialysis is the process through which the filtering of the blood is done, so that the function of the kidneys can be substituted. When you enrol for a diploma in dialysis technician you get to learn how this process is done in practical terms. You will get to know how the patients are to be treated so that a proper filtration of the blood can be carried out. This is an extremely complicated process and hence extensive training is required, which is what a diploma in this field will earn you. You will also get hands on training which will help you to become a successful dialysis technician.
The basic things that you need to know about a Dialysis technician course

Who can become a Dialysis technician- eligibility criteria?

A person who is hoping to get a diploma in this course must have passed her/his 10, 10+2 and also completed his or her graduation in any of the three fields- Arts, Science or Commerce. There is no age bar for this course and hence anybody meeting the above criteria can apply for a Dialysis technician course.

The Duration of the course

Since this is a diploma course it covers a short period of time of only two years after which one becomes a certified dialysis technician.

The structure and syllabus of the course

There are various fields which will be extensively dealt with during the period of two years when it comes to a diploma course in this field. Candidates will be trained and given proper understanding of the following areas:
·         Setting up and operating a dialysis machine
·         Preparing the sterilizing mix
·         How to calculate the blood flow rate of the patient
·         How to operate and keep a check on the vital conditions of the patient, like heart rate, oxygen flow etc.
·         Patient handling process
These diploma courses also provide practical training experiences which come in handy when technicians start practising.

Job opportunities in this field

Dialysis technicians are in great demand these days. After passing a diploma course one can apply as a technician, assistant, supervisor or therapist. The fee structure of the courses generally varies from college to college, and there are flourishing job opportunities in this field both in India and abroad. 

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