The Australian Permanent Resident

By nick clair - January 15, 2018

Image result for Australian Permanent ResidentAustralia the “land of kangaroos” is known be one of the best countries to work and settle down. It is also known to be the best country for permanent residency visa as it has designed a number of visa categories in order to offer permanent residency to the selected candidates. The process of the permanent residency visa Australia is quite organised and systematic and point based which evaluates all the applications on the basis of educational and skill related factors.

If you are one of those who wants visa for permanent resident in Australia then it is better if you know about the following key requirements.

Australian PR requirements

·       Key documents- Arrange all the key documents; one should have an English language proficiency test result and skill assessment report except for the routine travel and educational documents.
·       The right visa- One should choose the right PR visa category from the subclass 189, subclass 190 and the subclass 186 categories.

·       Select occupation from SOL- Whether you are applying the non sponsored (subclass 189) or the subclass 190 visa you need to choose an occupation from the SOL of Australia or a particular Australian state accordingly.

·       Point based system- Once you are sure about all the documents are in place then you should apply in the point based system of Australia. One is given points for each of the profile factor and one is supposed to score atleast 60 points in this system.

·       Healthcare and character requirements- A person should meet the health and character requirements; which means a person should be mentally and morally sound to apply for an Australian PR.

Categories of visa

·       Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186)- The subclass 186 visa requires one to be nominated by an approved Australian employer and only qualified, skilled workers are eligible for an Australian permanent residency.

·       Regional sponsored migration scheme (subclass 187) - This visa has three categories: temporary residence, direct entry and agreement and one is required to be nominated by an approved Australian employer for a job in Australia.

·       Business innovation and investment visa (subclass 188) - This category allows one to own and manage a new or an existing business in Australia; for this one should be nominated by the state or territory government.

·       Skilled independent visa (subclass 189) - Those who are national skilled worker are eligible for a subclass 189 visa. For this visa the applicants should complete a skill test and are also required to be sponsored by an employer or a family member.

Benefits of Australian PR

  • ·       Work and live in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • ·       Can sponsor your relatives to Australia.
  • ·       Your children of born in Australia would be considered Australian citizens.
  • ·       The Australian PR also allows one to live, work and study in New Zealand after the approval of the New Zealand government.
  • ·       After a few years a person can also apply for citizenship.
  • So Australian PR is quite beneficial for those who are really keen on working and settling down there permanently. 

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