Safe Transactions with The Blockchain Management

By Internal Eseo - January 30, 2018

Safe Transactions with The Blockchain Management

Today the economy requires more and more money. It was not possible with the gold as it was not even easy to carry it with you. Then the paper money was introduced to make it more convenient but it also has some problems. So the best made is the electronic ledgers and the transactions which is so easy to store today and maintain it digitally well. In this, the major role is of the blockchain technology which really helps you to record your digital assets safely so that there is not tempering.
Everyone wants transparency in the transactions and the data which is stored. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICO is very convenient and helps in increasing the money supply. This is the reason Bitcoin has the highest value of $125B because of its convenience and it is widely accepted too. There are a lot of alternatives to the bitcoin like ‘altcoins’. The creations of the altcoins were done because of the some problems like no speed, less privacy and much more. The altcoins can be categorised in the following ways:-  

FORKED – it includes the bitcoin cash and gold, etherium classic.
NEW PLATFORM – it includes NEO ,counterparty and ethereum
NEW APPLICATION – it includes filecon , storj  and smart media token.
NEW TECHNOLOGY –it includes litecoin, Zcash ,IOTA and NEM.

These above are the various categories of the alternative of the bitcoin.

Today the dominance of the bitcoin is so much that it has covered almost 61% of the total capitalisation. The share of the bitcoin has increased a lot rather than the other alternatives of the bitcoin.

The share of the bitcoin is increased and thus increasing the supply of money. It is a very safe transaction done by the people. They like it more as the worth of one bitcoin is 460K.

Moreover, the worth of the bitcoin can be increased a lot in the future. Like gold, the bitcoin is used as the value storage and in future it will be around 300k -400K. Bitcoin may displace the broad money and the worth of the bitcoin will become $4-5 million.
Today, the assets need not be necessarily in monetary terms, it can be in the education certificates and record, company structure. Not only this but also it helps in portability of your digital identity as it can be done between the banks and the corporations. In the blockchain technology the information is also stored in the blocks. Transparency is maintained with the transactions which also help in providing the proof that the data which is stored in the blockchain is not modified. The data proof is also stored with the regulators and it is verified that the modifications of the data is not done.

Verification of the transaction is also done which helps in the securing of the data and all the files are verified in the blockchain technology. The cryptocurrencies are safe in the blocks where the information is stored in the blockchain.

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