Online Shopping: Its Perks and Cons

By Ravish kumar - January 12, 2018

Online Shopping: Its Perks and Cons

Digital media has engulfed our everyday living and entered into every prospect of our daily lives. Gone are the days when we wore store bought clothes or headed out to the supermarket to get vegetables, these are the times when we can purchase them with just a click, sitting at home!

Yes, you guessed it right- online shopping is what is being talked about. If you have already been sucked into this whirlpool of online shopping, then you have also realized by now that there are both advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Well, when the world is moving forward, there is no point in lagging behind, is there? And the best part about online shopping is that is disadvantages can be easily turned into advantages, if you are a little bit cautious from your end. So, let’s take look at both sides of this coin:

The advantages

Let us begin with the positive elements. Online shopping has numerous benefits, which can be listed as below:

  • For starters you will not have to step out of your home to purchase the thing. This is particularly useful if you suddenly need to purchase some grocery items, because there are online grocery delivery shops who will deliver good quality products at your door step.
  • There is always the option of a proper refund in case you are not satisfied with the product since there will always be a paper trail justifying your claim. So you do not have to worry about losing the receipts any more. All you need to do is keep a tab on your emails.
  • The World Wide Web is huge and hence when you shop online, there is a plethora of choices that you can actually take your pick from. Stores always have limited choices and when you shop online you actually get to browse through various types of products or even better- various types of the same product. Thus, your window of choices is way more.
  • And you can always place an order and have it delivered to an address of your choice. You can easily buy a gift online and send it to the one you want. Thanks to some online sites, you can actually mail online gift coupons to them!


  • Well, one of the major concerns when it comes to online shopping is that what will I order and what will I get. There are numerous occasions where people order something and get something else.
  • When ordering grocery items or vegetables, the one that gets delivered to your home, might not always be fresh and hence a lot of people still swear by supermarkets for their daily grocery shopping.
  • Delays in shipping are pretty common apart from the most well-known sites. In fact they too sometimes mess up the orders and hence your product ends up arriving much later than it should have, wasting precious time in the meantime.

If you from your end maintain certain basic guidelines when shopping online, then you will be able to overcome the disadvantages in a jiffy! Online shopping is the future and its’ here!

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