Mumbai Street Food When You are Travelling

By Ravish kumar - January 31, 2018

Mumbai Street Food When You are Travelling

Mumbai is not just about Bollywood movies and the film land. There is an all-new and unique world of food stretched out across this amazing city. Foodies just love to visit this place because it has got to offer the most amazing food in all of the land. For a busy city it is, Mumbai stops still only for one thing – its food.

Here are some food items that you must not miss out when you are in hourly hotels in Mumbai

Poha –

Made of beaten rice, this is a staple in Maharashtra. Mumbai’s ideal breakfast is also the country’s breakfast owing to its low calories and filling efficiency. The poha is light, tasty and easy to make. Do not forget to start your day with a plate of hot poha every morning when you are in Mumbai. 

Vada pav –

If you do not like the idea of having the dry poha, then here is a very calorie loaded option. The vada pav is delicious, filling and rick. Vada pav is basically a vada or patty that is put in between two pavs or bun pieces. It is the Indian relative of the burger. Let us say it’s the poor Indian cousin of a burger because there are not too many things in between the buns. Just a deep fried vada. It is eaten with a fried green chili to give it a spicy flavor. People of Mumbai just love their vada pavs. They eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

Pav bhaji –

Pav bhaji is a rich and gooey snack that is famous not just in Mumbai, but all over the country. Pav bhaji is all about pavs or buns which are soaked in a thick gravy made of vegetables. The pavs are smeared with a fair amount of butter. This is a very delicious snack. 

Srikand –

Srikand is a sweet that is well known in Mumbai. It is made of hung curd and sugar. The srikand can be given flavor with any fresh fruit. Usually, mango fruit is added to the srikand to give it a nice flavor.

Aamras –

During the mango season, every household in Mumbai cooks this amazing sweet which is made of pulp of the mango. Aamras is made by mixing mango puree, sugar and cardamom very well. You can also add a few nuts to make the aamras rich.

Batata vada –

The crispy potato vada is what keeps the Mumbai people going in the winter. This crispy patty is made of boiled potato coated with flour batter and deep fried. It is eaten with fresh chutney or sauces. Batata vada is one thing that you can grab on the go and have while you are travelling too.

Modak –

The sweet that is said to be a favorite of lord Ganesh is prepared during the festival of Ganesh chathurti in Mumbai. It is a momo shaped sweet having sweet stuffing of nuts, sugar and coconut gratings which is covered with a layer of flour dough and deep fried.

These are some of the food items that you must taste while you are in Mumbai. 

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