Multiple Benefits of Windows Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business

By Internal Eseo - January 31, 2018

You must upgrade to the dedicated server when you find that your current hosting platform is unable to cope up with the high traffic pressures and frequently crashing. Though you can choose between Linux and Windows operating systems, but if your website is built on the Microsoft technologies of ASP.NET and MSSQL you must choose the robust Windows dedicated server hosting. Windows websites are not compatible with Linux and can cause issues that can hinder smooth performance.

When you have a constant flow of visitors throughout the day you must make sure that your server is running and available. This can be possible with the Windows dedicated server hosting. Windows is a software developed and owned by Microsoft. The tech giant offers massive support in the form of tutorials and FAQs that can be helpful to give you more knowledge about the technology.

Comprehensive resources:

When you buy a dedicated server, you alone will be occupying the entire server and utilizing the resources. There are no risks of falling short of resources as in shared hosting. The possibilities of your website slowing down or crashing is very minimal.

Administrative control:

With a Windows dedicated server hosting plan, you have root access and control over the machine via the Remote Desktop. You can configure and customize the server and use it for any business with no restrictions. You have the option to choose the hardware and can install any software you think is necessary for your business.

Proactive monitoring and Security:

Microsoft often updates all its technologies with security patches to which you automatically get access. There is no possibility of any intrusions. Your hosts build your server with the best infrastructure and protect it with built-in firewalls and anti-malware solutions. They scan your servers periodically and make sure there is no issues that could create issues.

With the Windows dedicated server hosting, your servers are placed in highly redundant data centers where you can enjoy all the infrastructure including power, cooling, security at no additional cost. Your hosts commit to more than 99.95% network availability. The technical team from the host are stationed at the data centers and consider every aspect of the server for its performance. In the event of any doubts about a component, they will inform and do the necessary replacements. This ensures there is no possibility of the server going down and making your site unavailable.

Enhanced access to Microsoft technologies:

With Windows dedicated server hosting, you can improve your business functionalities as you can get access to all the Microsoft technologies. The features include support for ASP.NET technology, access to the Microsoft FrontPage to create front pages, access to Windows Streaming Media to upload audio/video content, access to Windows Resource Manager and Microsoft SharePoint. You can also ask your host to share the Smart Bundle Pro for better email communication.

While choosing your hosting company, select one that offers around the clock support just in case you need some questions to be answered. In case they are closed, it could have a wrong impact on your site performance.

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