Jack Bonner A-2-W Talks on the Benefits of Grassroot Advocacy

By Sandeep malik - January 31, 2018

Grassroot Advocacy is a special methodology of lobbying at the grassroots level that is by means of interaction with the public to upgrade the level of their awareness relating to certain demand, which concerns local issues, state concern or federal levels subject matters or any similar criteria. The special objectives exercised by grassroots advocates are their encouragement and involving the public at the grassroots layer of the society in their favor.

As per Jack Bonner A-2-W the issues normally related to rules and regulations where the public legislation is the prime decision maker. Instead of direct lobbying, grassroots advocates mostly bank upon the public participation. In this context, grassroot advocates do not play the role of professional lobbyist and do not directly interact with legislators, government bodies or any other government officials regarding specific demand. But by educating and encouraging the common man they present the demands to the government.

Now a day, grassroots advocacy is enjoying a phenomenal growth and popularity incorporates business sector, companies and associations. The business organization are utilizing the thoughts and ideas of their staffs and members for making the change of the public policy of the government. In reality, it has been proved to be sufficiently effective. It is also very common for the grass root advocates to mobilize a huge crowd of the common public in demanding situations.

Great business organizations are using grassroots advocates to influence legislative policies at the state and federal levels. Some of the reputed companies who are using grassroots advocacy are Morton, AARP, NRA etc. Mass communicating electronic mailing facilities like email, and social media like Facebook, Twitter and many other through which grassroots advocate agencies can mobilize large portions of the population very quickly and effectively. It is possible that when any demanding issue arises, grassroots advocates ca captures and alert the mass of population within a couple of minutes.

Ways and Means Grassroots Activity Might Help Achieve Success by Jack Bonner A-2-W
Successful Communication: By means of texting through e-mail, social media, and advertisement by radio and television, you can communicate the message to anyone of your interest.

Effectiveness: Jack Bonner A-2-W says that it’s important because by mere communication of your message your objective will not be fulfilled. You also need to convince them to take part in actions. 

Methodology: Simpler is your way of presentation better will be the result. By a phone call, texting an email, or collecting mass signature in favor of your demand in a standardized letter are the simplest ways that you can achieve membership’s participation in your grassroots advocacy efforts. This can make them realize people’s demand and take action accordingly.

Follow-up: This is often overlooked, but it is crucial to any grassroots effort. Not only do you need to ask your members to act, but you need to let them realize the advantage they will get by this effort. By following up and letting your members know the fruits of their efforts, it will be possible.

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