By nick clair - January 24, 2018

For any investment scheme to be called as a fraud it needs to fulfill certain criteria. A fraud or a scam scheme which is often called as Ponzi scheme is that kind of investing scam which fraudulently promises exponentially high returns on investments with very small risks to the people who are investing in.

Therefore, in effect the revenue generation for the older investor comes from the corpus invested by the newer investors; thereby forming a pyramidal structure of payments! If we see objectively into the world of crypto currencies regarding the future token of HashGains ICO which is about to be launched;there is simply not that ample money which is involved to turn it is a fraud or a scam scheme!

Only people who are technically not very well versed and have very little knowledge about the shares and stocks market would call it a scam or a fraudulent scheme! People who are comparing the crypto currency phenomenon with the Dot Com Bubble of the 2000 and the Tulip analogy of the Netherlands simply fail to understand that behind the Bitcoin or any other crypto currency and particularly in this case of the future upcoming token of HashGains solid mathematics is involved which is completely transparent and free from the centralized control of any organization. People making such broad assertions about this new age monetary wonder are simply lacking the skills to understand the logic and the structural algorithmic constraint as are evident in the blockchain technology.

There is nothing of the sort of any secret with regard to the concept of blockchain and the crypto currency which shall lie under the base of the upcoming token of the HashGains. The open source technology shall make it sure that anyone having the proper technical skills of computer science could analyze the code itself and pointe the back door, if any, which is present in the blockchain. Almost anyone can contribute to the code in a positive way which shall be behind the concept of future token of HashGains. Like any other crypto currency, all the transactions which undergo the ecosystem of the token of HashGains shall be available for every one of the nodes present within. This is made possible by the new concept of blockchain which was invented by a genius pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in a white paper. By using the concept of blockchain the entire history of the transactions shall be available for anyone to be checked and verified.

The system of crypto currency is a 180 degree shift to the usual and prevailing financial mechanizations which rules the world today. People consider that crypto currency is just too geeky for general public or it is a magical money of the internet for the technocrats. This assertion has been widely proved wrong as the banking giants too have started employing the blockchain technology to verify their transactions. The token of HashGains don't promise to generate any returns because it is just a piece of software. The pricing shall totally be proportional to the disturbance in the supply and demand curve. Moreover, the company which is behind HashGains is a worldwide known data solutions provider.

Cyfuture is such a big name that casting any aspersions of the sort that the token launching could be a scam; is just plain hilarious! There is no reason why would a company of the stature of Cyfuture would go to this extent of launching a fraudulent scheme and would want to lose its 15 years plus reputation of being a solid service provider in the cloud technologies. So such questions like if the HashGains ICO is a fraud or scam is a fraud in itself!

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