Common Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Your Birthday Cake

By Internal Eseo - January 15, 2018

Organizing a birthday party is super fun and exciting especially when you have all your close friends and family all under one roof on your special day. A birthday cannot be complete without a birthday cake so ensure you have ordered a big delicious cake for your birthday party. When ordering a birthday cake, we tend to make a lot of simple mistakes that can be easily overlooked during the entire party preparation.
Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when ordering your birthday cake for your birthday party -

Not checking for guests’ allergies

Check with your guests if they are allergic to any particular ingredients and accordingly order your birthday cake. This is a very thoughtful move and also a life saver because certain allergies can be life threatening. You can then inform your baker to avoid those particular ingredients and use substitutes for the same. Certain people are allergic to nuts, gluten, dairy, berries etc. You don’t want to be rushing to an emergency unit on your birthday just because you were careless about your friend’s allergies!

Going over the top

When designing your birthday cake, don’t go over the top. Keep it simple with a basic design and a few strong elements that stand out such as the icing, the colors, the fruits used etc. You don’t want a million things on your cake which looks like a complete mess. When it comes to any design, minimalism is the key to perfection. There are a lot of bakeries both online and offline that do customization for minimal charges based on your preferences. Even if you live in a small town, you can order for a cakedelivery in Bhiwadi, Udaipur or any other smaller towns as well.

Ordering a smaller quantity

Do not assume that so and so person won’t be eating too much cake because they are on a diet. Likewise, don’t assume that certain guests might eat more or less. Always order a little more than the actual quantity needed for consumption so that all your guests can have a good quantity of cake for dessert. It is always better to have some leftover cake for breakfast than to run out of cake on your birthday party!

Micromanaging your baker

Don’t try to do the baker’s job when it comes to customization of your cake. Always listen to the professional baker when it comes to certain opinions like flavor and color combinations, usage of cream and icing and so on. Don’t micromanage your baker and their team because this 

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