Bone Marrow Transplant: One of the Most Demanded Surgical Procedure in India

By Ravish kumar - January 04, 2018

Bone Marrow Transplant

Within the last couple of decades, India has went on to become recognized as a fabulous haven to seek advanced medical treatments among people from all over the world. This is because of the low expenses involved and the use of advanced medical equipments and presence of world’s top rated physicians and surgeons in the country. Popularity of the country as a growing medical hub can be proved from the increasing number of patients flying into the country every day.

Bone marrow transplant procedure

One particular medical surgery that is conducted here with great success is bone marrow transplant. There are several famous hospitals for bone marrow transplant in India which have been providing immense relief to patients seeking treatment. Moreover, the increasing popularity of this treatment is because of strict infection control regulations and high quality procedures being followed by the surgeons here. Moreover, patients here are offered wonderful and cost effective package deals by the reputed hospitals, including flights, airport transfers, post operative vacation and the like.


Bone marrow transplant that is conducted in the country is taken care by some of the well established, experienced, highly qualified and foreign returned surgeons, well trained by the world’s best educational institutes. They are also specialists in performing bone marrow transplantations and do boast of achieving very high rate of success. Also are appointed special translators to help the patient with complete assistance during the treatment. There are numerous horsetails in the country that do boast of having advanced medical equipments and facilities that have been imported from the developed countries of the globe. Patients can get complete treatment and a chance to live their life normal again without having to worry about the expenses involved. It will be necessary to visit the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India to get the treatment and enjoy getting a second lease of life.

Cost involved

The truth is bone marrow transplant surgery is an expensive procedure, involving the patients to stay in hospitals for few days under strict observation of the operating surgeons. Hence, the cost of the medical facility goes up. In European, American and other developed countries, the cost involved is quite high. But in India, the expenses when compared to its western counterpart are quite low. It is possible to reduce the expenses by more than 40% or so, even after selecting the best hospitals famous for conducting bone marrow transplant surgery. Therefore, the patient does not have to bother amount the facility fees and medical expenses involved as well as other charges. Many foreign insurance companies are also known to cover this procedure when availed at any foreign location like India. Checking up with the insurance provider will be a wise idea to save a good amount of money. Therefore, undertaking thorough research will help the patient to get complete treatment and not have to bother about anything. In short, those eager to get 1000% remedy from their bone marrow problems can choose the best hospitals in the country.

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