A Brief Introduction to the Process of Hong Kong Company Formation

By Ravish kumar - January 30, 2018

A Brief Introduction to the Process of Hong Kong Company Formation

For many years, Hong Kong has been a major center for business and economic growth in Asia. Located on the southeastern shores of China, Hong Kong enjoys a stable economic and political system which has contributed to make it a center that is supportive of business activities.

Hong Kong’s strategic location has also increased its importance for foreign companies as a point of entry to the Chinese market. China serves as an excellent market for the finished goods developed by these international firms and by developing their roots in Hong Kong, it is possible for multinational companies to expand their businesses in this part of the world. The easy tax rules of Hong Kong as well as the privacy benefits offered by the market here has also made it a hotspot for international firms to carry out their business activities. Such factors have increased the importance of Hong Kong as a major center for offshore company formation

Any company looking to set up their offshore company in Hong Kong will first need to get in touch with a registered service provider who can offer top notch company registration support to clients. There are many firms at the current moment that offer online Hong Kong company formation services to their international clients. Since most international business firms have little clue regarding the business laws that are applicable in this part of the world, it always helps to get in touch with a reputable Hong Kong company registration service provider who can walk them through the whole process. A foreign company owner may have a lot of queries about the process of company formation that these service providers can take their time to answer. They can also assist in taking care of all the paperwork that forms a part of the process.

The first thing that a business owner needs to do after he or she has decided to opt for company formation in Hong Kong is come up with a unique business name. This is then followed by the application for registration process. The application is going to incorporate the company into Hong Kong business registry after which its owner can start working on all kinds of business related tasks.
Here is a detailed list of the legal documents and items that are to be used for the Hong Kong company registration application.

  • Nominee provision
  • Visa provision
  • Bank account opening
  • Offshore Ltd. Company
  • Registered address
  • Branch office in Hong Kong
  • A certified true copy of the HK company incorporation
  • The certified true copy should be presented in Chinese or English language

An experienced online Hong Kong company formation expert can help to make sure that the whole process is taken care of within the span of a single day. The companies that can be formed in this manner are limited firms and their names will have an Ltd suffix at the end. Once registered, the company can then proceed to manage its regular activities.


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