9 Tips That Help You Make the Most of Your Space When Partying

By Internal Eseo - January 16, 2018

You just love to picture an awesome New Year’s Eve merrymaking at your home with your family and friends all around: sparkling decorations, music, functional and creative furniture items and lots of delicious foods.

Hey, don’t forget to invite me!

However, you think it is not possible for a small 1000-square-foot home (or smaller) to host a big party, right? Like the one I just mentioned. Having many people around you, partying hard.

Yes, it is possible.

Yes, positively. You certainly don’t need a huge mansion of a 7000-square-foot or a palace-like home to host a celebration.

With the New Year 2018 (almost) touching you now and rekindling your partying nerves, you must consider these tips to transform your small living space into the most happening club of the town and fit all your loved ones in it.


They say ‘for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.’ I assert ‘for every space organized perfectly, more space is earned.’ The organization is the key to your party’s success. It can make it or break it. All you need is to plan ahead of time and get things where they require to be to make the D-day effortless. You must clean and declutter every space that you will be using as a party area. This makes the place feel less compact or closed-in.

Tip #1. Living room: Tidy up remotes, throw pillows, games, magazines, or things like these which you will not be using in the party. These extras make space appear smaller and untidy. Store them in utility storage cupboards.

Tip #2. Bathroom: Declutter and stash personal toiletries either under the sink or small display cabinets with glass doors hung on the wall.

Tip #3. Kitchen: Remove the unused appliances from the countertop and store them in a beautiful white gloss cupboard or white display cabinets.

Tip #4. Playroom: If you have a playroom or a kid’s area (luckily), then you need to tidy the space and make it ready for your little people to play games and have their own kid’s club. Declutter using corner wardrobe units. You can beautifully use highly functional furniture items like high sleeper bed with a wardrobe to accommodate the clutter and provide the kids ample space to play, talk and rest.

Usually, people in parties like to stand, dance and roam around talking. Therefore, I prefer having fewer furniture items in the mingle spots. You can always consider temporarily removing displays and consoles to make ample space to accommodate the party traffic.

Tip #5. Choose creative options: For the ones that you decide to keep in the center, go for the creative and functional ones that can spark the conversation like the open back bookcase or the sideboards with lights that can hold a pitcher of drinks.

Tip #6. Furniture Placement: Move furniture against the walls to open up more floor space to allow more foot traffic.

Tip #7. Use the counter space: Clear off unnecessary things to accommodate more plates and dishes. Keep only the essential party elements on the kitchen counter.

Tip #8. Buffet Table: Use only single centerpiece instead of having multiple buffet tables which take up more space. You can have beautiful and elegant high gloss white coffee table in the living room to serve appetizers.

Tip #9. Decorations: Avoid putting decorations on the floor, table or countertop. Instead, put light strings and streamers on walls and ceilings. You can have a single vase on the big buffet table.
Create an illusion of big space by appropriately organizing and arranging the furniture items. This will help your family and friends feel comfortable at your newly transformed party hub. Plan in advance so that you do not have to spend nights thinking about it.

It is time for you to enjoy with your loved ones. Remember, the rest is just details. Happy New Year.
Marko, a traveling interior design consultant, tests the modern as well as archaic furniture-based artistic waters in the UK and around the world. Marko loves to talk about anything and everything from interior designs, breaking architectural norms, product reviews and redesigning furniture pieces that are cutting edge, innovation,  high-tech, and green. Read him for all sorts of product reviews, design tips and recommendations and forward-looking trends in the world of furniture.

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